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Thread: First time, and a short history

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    Default First time, and a short history

    Well I bought some abriform samples and they are due to arrive tomorrow.. er today technically. I got some free samples too, but I dunno when they will arrive. A total of eight diapers coming in the mail.

    I have been a DL for some time yet haven't had many experiences with them, only 2 I can remember. And that was a good 5 years ago. So, kinda weird but I am having second thoughts. I guess I haven't really accepted myself as a DL yet. But at the same time sort of excited because this will be my first time sleeping with a diaper that fits me.

    The pullups I stole 5 years ago actually fit me because I am so thin. Now I wear a 28" jeans and they are baggy on me, so I am still pretty thin. And yes, I only like to wear at night. I have very vague memories of my childhood, I do remember plastic protective pants when I was about 4 so that's where I think my roots are.

    As for parents, I have to be discreet even though I think they know. I told them when I was around 12, but I had so many mental problems around that time, they may have thought it was a phase. Luckily I told them about some "Private" packages coming in the mail (I think they thought I was talking about porn).

    So yeah, a brief history of how I became a DL. And my excitement and me begin unsure if I really liked diapers or not led me to writing this. I would like to know your opinions on the diapers I got though. I will provide the names and links below.

    Abri-Form Extra (2)
    Abri-Form Original X-Plus (2)
    XP Medical - Abena Abri-Form X-Plus Adult Diapers

    Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear (2)
    Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absobent Underwear Adult Diapers

    Tranquility ATN Disposable Briefs (2)
    Tranquility All Through the Night Disposable Briefs Adult Diapers

    P.S, sorry for the lengthy speech. I at least tried to format it to make it readable.

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    Hey there!

    Don't worry, the second thoughts are normal, but once you have them in your hand, I guarantee you'll be unable to wait to put them on! It's such a difference to actually wear something that fits properly!

    Sounds good that your parents aren't chasing it further, but it's good that you're being discrete just in case!

    I have used the Abri-Form X-Plus and love them, really thick babyish diapers! As for the other brands, if you check the article section of the site, there's a lot of reviews posted there!

    Hope you enjoy the new diapers though!

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    Hehe, I just got a case of DryMax 24/7's and I couldn't contain myself. I had that case open faster than a kid opening presents as Christmas. Second thoughts are totally normal. Eventually you'll just roll with it. It become easier as you get older (at least I've found it that way). Enjoy your packages :-)

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    hey man thanks for the help i was trying to find samples so thank you and also i hope you enjoy them

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