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Thread: I was bored.

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    Talking I was bored.

    I was doing schoolwork using Microsoft Word 2007, and I noticed that you can translate words into different languages. Just for the hell of it, I translated 'diaper' into 12 different languages. Here is the list:

    French: Couche-culotte
    German: Windel
    Italian: Inglese
    Japanese: 米国
    Korean: 美
    Chinese(PRC): 名词
    Spanish: pañal
    Chinese(Tiawan): 名詞
    Arabic: حفّاظة
    Greek: πάνα
    Russian: пеленка
    Swedish(Sweden): blöja

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    now translate 'lover' or 'wearer' and i'll have a new search query!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kite View Post
    now translate 'lover' or 'wearer' and i'll have a new search query!
    Here is 'lover'.

    French: maîtress
    German: Liebhaberin
    Italian: maschile e femminile
    Japanese: 恋人
    Chinese( PRC): 名词
    Spanish: masculino y femenino
    Arabic: عاشقة
    Dutch: minnaar
    Greek: εραστής
    Portugese: amante
    Russian: любовник
    Swedish(Sweden): vän

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    The Chinese characters for diaper and lover showed up the same... Huh?

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    i think the french for diaper has been translated wrong, if you look at a package of one of the brands (don't remember) it appears to be couches

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