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Thread: wow, close call.

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    Default wow, close call.

    ok. So, my tranquility atn's arrive today, fedex guy pulls up, comes up to front door, and drops off the box with my 3 bags of ATN's. cool, had the timing down, mom was gonna be gone for another 3 hours. so i figure why not wear one. so, i go to my room, hide them under my bed (not what you think, it's not easily discoverable, take one out, and hook my self up. well, im sitting on my computer, playing Grand theft auto, in a wet diaper, and i here the front door open. o shit. throw pj's on real quick, walk out to see who it was, false alarm, my door has a crappy lock and the wind can blow it open. ok, so i close it all the way, and then lock it. i walk into my kitchen to grab something to eat when i hear the doorbell ring. now, i can't get to my room without passing by my front door, so pretty much im screwed. well, it was my girlfriend, and she already knows, and doesn't care. so i answer, and we started talking. asked me if i got new diapers, yea, but i didn't have any for her. so she comes in, and we start playing video games (she's pretty nerdy, but cool at same time). Well, time flies when your having fun, and my mom shows up at front door, opens it before i can react. shit. my mom tells my GF she needs to go home cause we need to talk. i was fully dressed but my diaper had quite the bulge she sits me down, notices the bulge, and asked me if i was having sex. i said no. she didn't believe me, and calls my girlfriend. (my GF can't lie, she is horrible at it) she says no, which is the truth, and she believed here.

    so, we start talking, and she asked me what came in the mail today. i said nothing and she says, Mary (not real name) across the street tells me the fedex guy was at our house and she saw you accept a package. i told her i ordered some new shirts. ok, whatever, she let me play video games. well, im scared shitless (prairie doggin it) and i decide, fresh air. so i grab my mountain bike, and go for a ride, thinking that she will never find anything. well, i get home, and she shoves the box at me. "Shirts huh? how many shirts did you order?" "a few" "well, where are they?" "in the wash" (my friend left some of his clothes over cause he stayed a weak, and i was actually washing them.

    So she checks the wash, see's there there, and decides to leave me alone. i didn't even want to ask what she was originally wanting to talk about. i wanted to tell her o-so-bad, casue she is always saying, i may not like what you are doing, but i will support you if it's what you like. so im pretty sure she will be ok with it. well, if i do tell her, it will be later tonight, i will let you know if i do. Scared the crap outta me. just thought i would share lol

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    Damn, Mary's a snoop. You should go next doorand say "Is Wayne Brady gonna hafta choke a bitch?", then stab her. Nobody would believe that testimony. It's the perfect crime.

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    I'd be suspicious too if you said "nothing" and then said you got some shirts...That "Mary" definitely is nosy though...

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    Nosey neighbors ftw

    Next time, hide the evidence better, i.e. shred the box and dispose of it in the recycling bin (or if that doesn't work somewhere else). Then think of a good story (the Fedex guy rang the wrong doorbell or something believable) and stick with it.
    And next time someone asks about a bulge in your pants you tell them "Look, I'm a teen - it happens!"


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    Man I hate nosy neighbors... unfortunately for you at age 14 you can't tell 'em to mind their own business.

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    Wow, that kinda sucks. My neighbors from across the street are royal pains in ever manner. The complain about everything we do. When I'm out running around in the yard, usually playing with my toy lightsaber, I always see my neighbor peeking through his curtains. Whenever we get a package, he's always looking to see what's up. It gets bothersome. Good thing though that you were not found out, that would have complicated things all to hell. Good luck with further exploits!

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    I'm impressed, that's one lucky coincidence with the shirts, and the fact you came up with it on the spot. Good going.

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    peachy, lol. my mom seems very suspicious though. like, i can prolly bet money that tonight when im asleep she'll be going thru my crap. ill put my noise alarm. and yea, the neighbors suck, i live in a town where nothing goes down, and it's very quite. yea, i was so lucky that he left some shirts and i happened to be washing them.

    "Is Wayne Brady gonna hafta choke a bitch?", then stab her

    make me laugh so ****ing hard ROFLMFAO!

    edit: yea, i should've said i got shirts in the first place. idk, i have to pay more attention to the time, casue it was like 2 hours went by like 20 mins, pretty crazy

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    Sounds like she might not stop questioning you until she finds something. I hope everything turns out o.k. for you.

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