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    Default Anime OSTs.

    Yeah, once again, I have decided to dive deep into the world of anime OSTs. I have a large collection from about a decade ago when I was a hardcore anime otaku (it is a shame that half of those CDs turned out to be Taiwanese bootlegs, and I stopped purchasing those as soon as I realized what was going on).

    The crown jewel of my anime OST collection are the individual soundtracks for each and every one of the original Bubblegum Crisis OVAs. Those are ridiculously hard to come by these days, and they are in very high demand, seeing as they've been out-of-print for almost two decades now. And none of those are bootlegs.

    I am a huge fan of the Escaflowne soundtracks - and I have the official releases of all of those CDs, as well.

    The most rocking anime soundtrack that I have heard in recent years has to be the OST for Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (now, THAT'S an interesting anime title if there ever was one). I still have not seen that anime, though.

    I did pick up Rip Slyme's Galaxy CD single, though, because there is no official OST release for Gantz and that CD single had the opening theme on it.

    Does anybody else here enjoy collecting anime soundtracks? Or does this make me too much of an otaku for the likes of ADISC?

    I have not been able to purchase any lately because I have been unemployed, but wish me luck, I am hoping that situation will change very soon. I have a couple of job interviews lined up in the next couple of weeks. But I'm going off-topic here.

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    I definitely don't collect anime soundtracks specifically, but I love movie soundtracks in general.

    The only anime soundtrack I own off the top of my head is... ahem... Azumanga Daioh


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    Quote Originally Posted by LunaCat View Post
    I definitely don't collect anime soundtracks specifically, but I love movie soundtracks in general.

    The only anime soundtrack I own off the top of my head is... ahem... Azumanga Daioh

    No shame in that. As far as I can remember, Azumanga Daioh had a pretty decent soundtrack behind it.

    What really is shameful is that the only movie soundtrack CD is own is the one for David Cronenberg's Crash. However, that was done by Howard Shore, so it perhaps is somewhat redeemable.

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    I love the two Rebuild of Eva soundtracks. The original theme from the series "Cruel Angel's Thesis" is also one of my favorite anime theme songs. I also love the opening theme to Bakuretsu Tenshi but it's actually a terrible song.

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    I collect them, although haven't bought any recently.

    I have pretty much all the Digimon albums and singles from Adventure, Adventure 02, and Tamers (Tamers was the last series I had any fandom involvement with beyond hosting a fansite for friend).

    I also have have several Prince of Tennis soundtracks, a couple of Outlaw Star ones, most the .hack//Sign ones, and few random Yu-Gi-Oh! ones. I used to have quite of the various Tenchi series OSTs as well, but I lost a lot of those in a move a couple years back (still waiting for the moving company to reimburse me for those...)

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    Speaking of Outlaw Star, isn't is great how similar it is to Firefly?

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    Wouldn't know, never watched Firefly personally. With very few exceptions I don't watch much other than Anime and movies made before 2004

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    Seriously? Missing out, it gets a lot of hype but it really is a very good show and being that it's pretty short it's a fairly easy watch for a TV series.

    I was much more exclusionary when I was younger when it came to music and movies. These days I'll give just about anything a shot.

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    I've not been fortunate enough to come across any anime soundtracks in the wild, with the exception of the amazing Princess Mononoke soundtrack (which I'd already bought digitally). I imported the Ocarina of Time soundtrack and a couple of other game soundtracks, but as much as I'd like to own more anime soundtracks, I tend not to buy them as often as I do other music.

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    The Princess Mononoke soundtrack was pretty awesome. Then again, all Joe Hisaishi soundtracks are pretty awesome (he did the music for most of the Studio Ghibli films, and most of the Beat Takeshi films). He is a film composer with a pretty spotless record when it comes to making music (his attempts at making films himself were considerably less successfull).

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