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Thread: I know everyone is tired of relationship questions but...

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    Default I know everyone is tired of relationship questions but...

    I really have nobody else to ask about this so I thought I would get an opinion from whomever feels like speaking up. girlfriend and I are having an interesting time with the AB stuff.

    I told her about 5 months ago and she seemed okay with it, but it also seemed like she did not quite understand it either. She lets me call her Mommy and she holds me and when we go to sleep together I wear diapers, I have my paci and bear, and sometimes I wear a onesie. She even wears some footed pj's I got her for V-day and has her own pacifiers. Last night we discussed it again. Somewhere along the way she got some idea about me being a baby trapped in a mans body??? This freaked her out and I had to reassure her that I was not going to permanently regress or anything. I have shown her this site and others like understanding infantilism so its not from lack of info. I ask her why she acts so weird about it all and she says she doesn't know. I ask her if she wants me to give it up, or at least leave her out of it and she tells me no. I am really confused.

    Can any AB girls or LG's out there give me some insight into how she feels? Because I would rather give up being an AB and be miserable than force her to do anything she doesn't really want to do.

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    You can keep on enjoying being an AB, just not with her around. You are suggesting both of the extremes in this situation. If she is not cool with it, don't do it around her. Then go nucking futs when she leaves

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    If you are so close to her that you'd rather give up being an AB and be miserable than to have her be miserable, then might it be possible that she is thinking along the same lines? Like maybe that she'd rather do AB stuff with you and be unhappy herself if it meant making you happy? I know it probably doesn't help matters but it's just a thought. People tend to do that sort of thing quite a bit when they really love somebody. I had a situation like this a couple months ago. There is something my bf loves that I was only pretending to love, but one day I just broke down about it, and he told me I didn't have to lie to make him happy, and that all I needed to do was tell him the truth and we could come to some kind of compromise. Hopefully if it is a situation like such it will turn out, but the first thing you'd want to do is probably just straight up ask he if she's lying I guess, but in such a way she won't be offended, like this: "(Insert girlfriends name here), are you sure you're not lying about liking the AB stuff just to make me happy? Because what would really make me happy is if you can be happy with the activities that we do together.". And well, you know. Take it from there. This is all hypothetical of course. She could also be not lying and just taking it all in again or something. But anyway I hope I provided some help or maybe at least a place to start. Good luck. :3

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