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Thread: Normal Days

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    Cool Normal Days

    So what does everyone do in a normal weekday?

    I get up at around 7:30 get dressed and go to school. I get home around 4:00 then for the rest of the day I'm on the computer or watching T.V with dinner around 8:00. Usually I do homework just before bed then go to sleep around 10:00. There is some days when my day is different as on Tuesdays I go to a youth club and I have piano lessons on Thursdays. So what does everyone else do?

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    On normal weekdays, I get up at 7 get ready for school, go to school for like 7 hours prob a bit more, come home do my homework, if its a wednesday, go to flute practice, and if during the first semester go to drama club for 2 hours on tuesday and thursday.

    I then eat, maybe hang out with friends, and go to bed. Not an exciting life XD.

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    well i guess i finally have a daily pattern so here it goes...

    6:00am: wake up and get ready for school
    7:15am: arrive at school and spend most of the day there
    2:00pm: get home and take a nap, eat lunch, hang out here, or play some poker online
    5:00pm: leave for work
    11:00pm-12:00am: arrive home from work (time depends on day and amount of work we have to do) and eat dinner
    12:00am-1:30am: lights out

    I'm still not quite used to this schedule, especially since work is VERY demanding at times. It's taking a toll on my body and it's only my fourth week working. At least i have Friday off

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    Get up anywere between 3-5:30am and talk on the computer then get ready for school. School starts at 7:23 and i'm out at 2:52. I'm home around 3:15 and just get on the computer or watch tv and have dinner around 5:30-6:00 and do my homework around 6:30 and then I go to bed around 9:30-9:45.

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    Get up between 7:00 and 7:25 (five minutes before my bus), get dressed, go eat something if I have the time, get back home at around 4:30, stay on the computer until my parents block my laptop's access to the router, sleep at around 10:00.

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    Let's see...

    Get up at 6-7. Eat, get on the computer a little.
    Start School at 8. (Homeschooled. )
    Eat lunch at 11.
    Depends on how fast I finish, ends at 1-4. Sometimes I get a break at 12:30.
    Eat dinner at 4.
    Play some video games, watch TV, or get on the computer until 10.
    Go to sleep.

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    This is my daily summer schedule:
    10:30am - Wake up.

    12:00pm - Eat Breakfast

    1:00pm - Screw around on the computer

    4:00pm - Watch a bit of tv

    6:00pm - Call up my friends, may ask if they wanna come over.

    8:00pm - Walk on my dads threadmill, exercise.

    10:00pm - Screw around on the computer for a bit longer

    12:00am - Bed.

    Not really an eventful summer.

    During the school year it goes like this:

    6:30am - Wake up

    6:35am - Take Shower

    6:50am - Get Dressed

    7:00am - Eat Breakfast

    7:15am - Leave for school

    7:30am - Go to school and chill for about 30 mins, in the gym.

    8:00am - School

    3:10pm - Leave school, my dad comes picks me up or i drive.

    4:00pm - Get home, screw around on the computer.

    6:00pm - Eat Dinner

    7:00pm - DO homework, if anyone, else, go on the computer.

    10:30pm - Sleep.

    Yeah, alot of computer time there too!

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    Dethklok's schedule yesterday
    12:00am- kill people with office supplies
    1:00am- rape and pillage
    2:00am- play ninja gaiden2
    3:00am- kill vikings
    4:00am- catch flies with chopsticks
    5:00am- fight robots
    6:00am- **** dinosaurs
    6:01am- kill dinosaurs
    7:00am- rock
    8:00am- glue googley eyes on shuriken
    9:00am- eat rocks
    10:00am- shit gunpowder
    11:00am- drive blimps
    12:00pm- bench press lightning
    13:00pm- mess with all the clocks in the house
    1:00pm- lunch
    2:00pm- fight Nazis
    3:00pm- fight ninjas
    4:00pm- nap
    5:00pm- give birth to giant cicadas from every pore on my body
    6:00pm- jump on pogo stick
    7:00pm- feed cats to fish
    8:00pm- ritualistic suicide (seppuku)
    9:00pm- ressurection
    10:00pm- eat shuriken sandwich
    11:00pm -kill pirates

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    Hmm well it looks like we're calling normal days "school days" so...

    6:30 AM get up, eat breakfast
    7:30 AM classes start
    11:50 is lunch period
    more classes in the afternoon, end around 2 - 2:30 depending on the day
    eat and then baseball practice in the spring
    5:30 - 6 eat more and start on my homework
    watch tv and then bed around 10

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    • 6AM wake up and sit behind the computer
    • 7AM if not already busy with getting ready to go to school: breakfast
    • 6:30AM - 10:15AM (An hour before I have to leave for school) get ready and head off to school (and breakfast if I haven't had that yet)
    • 12PM - 4PM come home from school (depends on my schedule) and sit behind the computer
    • 6PM Eat supper
    • 7PM computer and homework
    • 12AM bed (reading)
    • 1AM lights out

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