2010 -2011 seem to be a further rogressing year for the comunety and those alike. so i did some reserch, and for those who know me i dont bugger about, or ask at the first sign of failure. also thank you loopy for the help in IRC last night. (credit where, credit is due)

(im not advertising these but i feel that should be known about)

so why am i digging up this old relic again? well resently i got a mummy (not to brag but its grate) and well we are set on going on holiday to a wormer climate and she intends to be visiting the beach with me. so i have to get one, mum knows best i suppose.
Befor i used to see threads about, "where can i get a swim diper that looks normal" or to the effect of.

befor the only product that could be found (that loopy linked me last night thank you) was this
Buy Boxers - Red online now from Dorset Nursing the specialist medical supply company

personally for me this didnt cut it, i didnt want to beleave that that was the only option. so after much trolling the nets i found this shortly after.

incontinence swimwear for boys and men

that page has more than one pair for adult sizes yet still look descreet and much cheeper than the NHS one.

USA / international link
My Pool Pal

the "MyPoolPal Swim-ster Swim Shorts‏ " in the blue (link to better pik http://www.adisc.org/gallery/showpho...o=5642&cat=720 )

i intend of getting a pair of these and take photos of it so for those to know what one really looks like and what to exspect.

i will updats the thread when i get the swim diaper shorts. ^^