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Thread: Awake for 48 hours and counting....

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    Default Awake for 48 hours and counting....

    Okay, so this is in the off-topic section for a reason. Anyways, currently here in the great state of California, it is 1:30 Am, Tuesday Morning. I have been awake since 11:00 pm Saturday night. On Saturday I decided I wanted to see what really happens when a person doesn't sleep. Also, I kinda wanted to get high from it. I am straightedge (look it up if you don't know what that is), and so taking drugs is completely out of the question. Anyways, the whole point of this is to ask if anyone has any good tips to stay awake, besides caffeine considering if I drink any more I might as well just do some speed, especially in school. Any advice would help, because I want to do this again for an even longer period of time next weekend, starting on Friday and going until Monday night.

    Thanks, and for reference, I know I am off kilter and strange, but I am damn proud of it =)

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    Tips to stay awake... well since substances are out of the question you should try keeping your mind active by playing video games, go on facebook, watch TV listen to some tunes. Just go out of your way to keep yourself busy doing semi-interesting things.

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    I personally think that if you really are tired, even the most entertaining things done sitting down will start to make you feel too comfortable. You have to keep moving, doing some pacing or something. Keep water at the ready. You are strong to stay up as long as you have so far, don't push yourself too far though.

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    I find work is the best thing to do when dead tired. If you're really focused on working on something time starts to just fly by and being tired fades into the background. There's sort of a hump you get over after a certain point. I've been told I act drunk when I'm really tired. I've also hallucinated more than a few times. The most common things that happen with me I can best describe by referencing two movies.

    So you know the 3D wired into the brain TV that the Riddler develops in Batman Forever? The way the image from the TV sort of pops out in slices towards the viewer? Basically that happens to me looking at any display or light. Also, the scene in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas where Johnny Depp as Hunter S. Thompson is looking at a carpet and the designs start to move and swirl like snakes? That happens as well. Both nearly identical to how they're depicted in those movies.

    I've been told you normally get auditory hallucinations first but those seem more rare for me. Only happened a couple times.

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    good luck and make sure to update us on what you see and hear when you start hallucinating

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackHawk View Post
    good luck and make sure to update us on what you see and hear when you start hallucinating
    Yeah, you can see some really goofy shit. When I was doing my undergrad, I had been awake for about 50 hours when I finally started seeing things. At about 54 hours, Ganon from the Zelda games was coming from a grove of trees to kill me. At some point after that, I simply stopped functioning. I woke up some time later still wearing my clothes and shoes and all.

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    Good luck (can straight-edgers use caffeine?) I've pulled a few double all-nighters in college, and you start to feel really crappy after a while.

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    I guarantee you won't get "high." Hallucinate and feel miserable, sure, but "high?" No. Sleep deprivation isn't pleasant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    Good luck (can straight-edgers use caffeine?)
    It depends how one defines them self as such.

    Some will not use any caffeine, while others stick strictly to the "No drugs, drinks or cigarettes," rule.

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    I've gotten a sort of woozy euphoria after being awake long enough. I sort of get over the hump at some point and stop wanting to sleep.

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