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Thread: Imprints on skin from diaper?

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    Default Imprints on skin from diaper?

    I have noticed lately when I change out of my diaper there are imprints left on my waist from where the tapes, plastic, or the imprint of a pull-ups waste band on my skin.
    I am not wearing anything terribly tight but does anyone else get this and use anything such as lotion or baby oil to prevent this before wearing?

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    Yup, sure do!!! I get it on my thighs (in my crotch) and on my bottom. A bit of redness but it goes away after a bit.

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    I think they are normal and there are more imprints when I sit down for a while. Never tried to prevent them though.

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    It's normal to get imprints from diaper, especially when you wear then for an extended period of time. It get to be a problem when they become painful. So if they are , you might want to consider using a different brand of diapers. I know that a couple year ago I was allergic to the molicare brand and would get the redness and tenderness from them. If you even have a doubt you could always talk to your doctor about your concerns.

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    It just means that your wearing it tight, and no it isn't a problem unless you are cutting off circulation. This happens to me too, and probably everyone else who wears.

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