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Thread: hello everyone :3

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    Default hello everyone :3

    I'm really glad I found this site; it's somewhat lonely being a TB on the sprawling plains of the internet.

    so, let's see here...

    name: Josh
    favorite diaper: Pampers (any.. as long as they fit!)
    specific interests: wetting (lightly), wearing under clothes, sleeping in diapers, weirding people that I don't know the **** out. hahaha...

    anyway, I'm going to make a topic in the TeenBaby section in a moment; I'd like to explain a recent obsession I've had which is related to diapers.


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    Interesting name... I like Pampers too.

    Welcome to ADISC and have fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperdude View Post
    OMG! The father of the microscope! here! *faints*

    you knew who that was.. oh thats not nerdy at all i didnt know that even and i consider myself the unofficial science buff of the forum...

    anyways anton welcome...

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    Hey~ Welcome, Anton. ^-^ And I know how lonely it can get, I had to go through it all my life before I found this site. :3 So. Have fun, play nice, and watch out for Pojo. He bites. O= (J/k. He's nice. xD)

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    Oh, what a coincidence, my name is Robert Hooke!

    Thanks for the idea man, I'm freakin' rich because of you!

    2x welcome.

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    Hey anton. Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy your time here. see you around :]

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