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Thread: LA Noire

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    Default LA Noire

    I am contemplating putting in a preorder for LA Noire. I should be able to afford it when it comes out.

    Seedy murder mystery overflowing with corruption in the LAPD? I'm there.

    Yeah, gotta love Rockstar! When this comes out, I will purchase a few cans of Rockstar so that I have more energy to play with Rockstar! (OK, I'll stop pun-ishing you now.)

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    Yeah that looks like a great game :P I've wanted to get that game all this time despite all the delays. I'm getting the PS3 version, can't wait for it to come out!

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    Yeah, This game looks really good in my opinion. I’ll probs get it. Rockstar always make good games!

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    I'm looking into it... looks decent enough like GTA IV, and I heard they really recreated LA circa 1947 and I'd turely love to explore LA as it was back at the time. I'm in a financial situation which prevents me from paying 60 bucks for a new game.

    Yeah, and I recently accquired GTA IV used... so I'll wait and get it cheap.


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    It comes out May 17, my birthday is less than a week after that, so I'm totally going to be abusing that power and not paying for this game. :P
    But I cannot wait for it, I think it looks fantastic. Something to immerse myself in for the summer.

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    I really want to get it, seems like the type of game right up my alley. Not having a current-gen system (and as far as I know Rockstar isn't throwing it on PC) going to make it hard to get it though :P

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    Rockstar probs will bring it out on PC, but they seem to do it later than the consoles. I think I'll get it for PS3. I think theres a puzzle aspect to it too, which is different- should be cool.

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    I can't wait! Been waiting for it for three months now ><

    I love everything Rockstar put their hands too. I'm contemplating getting GTA VC & SA again too.

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    This release has been quite intriguing, I mean, at first this game was supposed to be a Playstation 3 exclusive, but then they announced it would be multiplatform. So yeah, that kind of surprised me. Now for a PC Port? The chances of that happening are the chances of Rockstar porting Red Dead Redemption to PC, which is pretty slim unfortunately :/

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    It's a pity it's only for PS3. I want the game, but I don't feel like shelling out $300 for the system and another $70 for the game. Maybe I'll just wait until they port it to something else. Or until the PS3 finally comes down to a reasonable price.

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