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    Does anyone know if they make L/XL boys goodnites in large box sizes? I have seen underjams, baby diapers, and even some adult diapers come in non-case style boxes. Here are two examples of what I mean (girls goodnites and underjams). I don't mean cases that come in brown boxes and have normal packages inside, I mean printed boxes that have clear packaging of smaller packs inside. Has anyone seen them online or in stores?

    GOODNITES GIRLS UNDEREWEAR 56 COUNT SIZE S/M 38-65 LBS | eBay Pampers Underjams for Boys, Size 8 Count, 40 Count: Health & Personal Care

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    I imagine that they'd sell them like that at Costco. Since I don't buy diapers in such huge quantities, I don't usually look for diapers at Costco, so I'm not too certain.

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    Ok, I did a couple searches an such, based on size, and quantity and etc.

    Here is what I found: Pampers Underjams for Boys Siz L/ Xl 13 Pk/5 Pk: Health & Personal Care

    Edit: Ugh the link for the Goodnites was Size medium sorry, I will look for a larger size then.

    Edit2: Well, the largest sized Goodnite Box they sell for Boys is the S-M Size, I couldn't find any for ether gender for that matter for X-XL size and in a styled box.

    Here is the S-M Boys GoodNite Box

    Well, hope that helps and have a nice day!
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    I know that Sam's was selling the box size of the S/M for a while, but I don't know if they still do. It was basically a 4 or 5 pack of the regular packages in a box.

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    I have tried sams club and costco but to no success. They didn't have goodnites at all. Pull ups, baby diapers, and what looked like generic adult cloth diapers and pull ups in the boxes but nothing else. The website does not say that they make them in boxes (jumbo, mega, and big pack) and the fact that they do is hope that the L/XL exists somewhere.

    The box has several bags inside it, but the box is printed (which I like) and the bags are clear (which I also like). Also my interest in getting a box of them is because it is different. Just like it is fun to get a new print on goodnites, I think it is fun to have a new packaging option.

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