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Thread: Picture I saw on reddit

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    Default Picture I saw on reddit

    So, I was surfing reddit and I saw this picture. Simple work schedule until the end of the first part. Made me chuckle

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    That reminds me of the sort of thing you see on If you like this sort of humor, (I love it! ) you should check it out. It's a pretty neat site.

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    I'm on Reddit as well...! I love that site. Not much action in the abdl subreddit, but a great site for the 'normal' me

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    That reminds me of working at an apple tech support centre what a gong show that place was. If you weren't in the cue ready to take calls within 30 seconds of your last call they phone you to find out what is taking so long. We got plenty of emails similar to that, regaurdless that's hilarious.

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