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    Due to my IC I need to wear full diapers (normally molicares or euron forms) and I choose to wear plastic pants due to the amount I demand the diaper to hold overnight....I also choose to wear onesies for extra protection during the day.

    My dilemma is what order to wear my onesie and plastic pants....

    Plastic Pants under onesie, the plastic pants get pushed up reducing their efficiency causing them to sometimes leak out of the back legs.

    Plastic Pants over onesie, any moisture caught in my plastic pants soaks into my onesie and seeps its way up the onesie making my bed/clothes damp.

    Any ideas on how to combat this from your experiences?

    Thanks Guys

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    my trick is padding, padding, padding, but, the problem i see from your previous posts is that you're pretty much stuck with government issue. I also wear a onsie daily (abena, not cheap) that does pretty well with leakage until the diaper is finished.. at night though, a stuffer pad works well, but, what do i know, i'm usually falling asleep drunk most nights and soak thru to the bed anyways.

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    It seems like if you're getting wet either way that you should take a chance with the pants under the onesie. If they work you stay dry, if they don't then you're wet either way.

    I'm afraid I don't have plastic pants or a onesie so I can't be more helpful.

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    Here is what I do for My IC Problem

    I wear my Diaper then a flannel Cover over top of the diap and a pair of Vynil pants over top of that then the onzie

    If you cant make your own Flannel Diaper Cover ( I make them as I am very creative so I make a lot of my own reusable Cloth IC supplies ) then wear a pair of tighty whities ,,,( under pants )

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    My solution is to just wear a thicker disposable diaper (Dry 24/7) or add some kind of a stuffer for more absorbency.

    But if that's not possible, from inside to outside: diaper -> lined plastic pants to better absorb spills -> onesie

    The lined polyester pant from Babykins is pretty durable and machine washable: Babykins: KINS Adult Lined Polyester Pull-On Pant. It also can be put in a dryer, just don't completely fry it or use fabric softener or dryer sheets (both coat fabric and reduce absorbency).

    I actually refrain from using a onesie at night, because moisture wicks from the leg holes of the diaper (regular plastic pants or not), gets onto the onesie leg holes, and travels from there. The lined plastic pants help with that, but of course if those get completely sodden, they will start to wick to the leg elastic, which gets on the onesie legholes... At that point, it really is time for a more absorbent diaper.

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    (this thread looks like it belongs more in the IC subforum?)

    I guess I don't understand how you can leak regularly with "full diapers" (I'm translating that as m4/dry247/bambino class capacity) overnight unless you are either drinking WAY too much, before bed, not diapering up correctly, or trying to side-sleep in a disposable. I put away two glasses of milk and a 1L of water before bed last night, my bladder was fully empty by morning, and no leaks, with a bambino large with totaldry booster. Judging by the weight of the diaper in the morning, I'd say at least 80% of what I drank had gone through. If I'd only put away 1/2 L of water, the booster wouldn't have been necessary. My system passes liquids between 4 and 6 hrs after consumption, when I'm asleep. Maybe you need to cut way back on your drinking after say, 5pm?

    If you want to start getting scientific about it, weight your wet diaper in the morning and see just how much you're depositing in to it overnight. But you should be able to look at the padding when you take it off in the morning and see if it's full or if its under-utilized and is just leaking before it should. If you're a back-sleeper, (and you should be, if you're wearing disposables to bed) then the diaper should NOT leak until the padding is saturated all the way to the rear top of the diaper. (tho I am not accounting for flooding, do you flood?)

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