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    My name is Melissa, I'm 18 from Colorado and happen to be Asian (Korean to be exact)

    Anyway, I've had an on and off bed wetting problem since I was a little girl. It hadn't really started happening again since I was about 10, but just a few months ago, I started wetting the bed again. Instead of telling my parents, I decided that I'd privately go out and get what I needed.

    When I got to the store, I figured that it might be fun to try wearing pull ups to bed, I mean they're super cute and I figured they probably felt alot nicer the my other choices.

    So I bought a pack and was surprised how well they fit and how great they felt! I've been hooked on pull ups ever since! I gotta go now, but I'll tell more later, bye!

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    Welcome! This it the place to be if your a DL, AB, ect. Lots of great people and resources.

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    Welcome! Sounds like you are having fun. Makes ya feel like a little kid. :-) It's great!

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    Welcome to ADISC. If you like pull-ups you should go join the group "Pull-Ups!". I really like pull-ups too, so we would get along great. If you have a any trouble at all with the site (navigating the site is what I mostly mean by that) don't hesitate to ask me or anyone. Again welcome and hope you have a wonderful diapered life.

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    Hey there, welcome to the site. Since no-one else has done it yet (:P), what are some of your non-tb/dl interests/hobbies/and the such?

    Also, from your profile you say you like Pokemon, what is your favorite Pokemon?

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