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Thread: Goodnites website redesigned again

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    Default Goodnites website redesigned again

    Yup, they did it again.

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    ooh i havent noticed that yet, hehe i normally go on there to see updates because when goodnites release a new product drynites isnt usually too far behind

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    It looks like its still the same product with the same designs even though they updated their website.

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    IMO they're pushing the "since your child has outgrown pull-ups, your bedwetting 4 yr old+ needs goodnites" which makes me think the size/padding reduction of the goodnites is due to KC targeting smaller kids.

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    goodnites sleep shorts boxer no longer in production?discontinued?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aldry View Post
    goodnites sleep shorts boxer no longer in production?discontinued?
    Well weren't there a lot of complaints about the sides splitting?

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    I do not know much.
    are smaller than DryNites. so many people are small in size.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    Well weren't there a lot of complaints about the sides splitting?
    They could have fixed them, or better yet, make them right the first time.
    Gee I sometimes wonder if college teaches people not be able to actually think.
    I've never been to college, and I would have evaluated them and make changes if needed.

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    They DID fix the goodnites shorts at the same time that they put pictures of kids on the packaging. The new material was not poor quality, did not split down the middle, and they looked like real underwear when compared to the brief style. I have even ripped the pad out of the GN boxers and just had them as normal boxers. They did run a little smaller than the briefs, but that was unavoidable given the nature of the material (it does not stretch) and the fact that if you have a kid on the small end of the XL size, they look way too big. It was unpractical to make them bigger, and impossible to make them fit comparably to the briefs.

    Did anyone notice that the message board did not survive the transition to the new website? This is the second time that they got rid of that thing, and even before now they had gotten rid of the product feedback section. I don't think KC likes people making recommendations about their products nor talking about goodnites on their own website?
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