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Thread: Smoking Ban Laws.

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    Default Smoking Ban Laws.

    In Britain, aprroximatelly a year ago, it was deemed illegal to smoke into pubs. This excostracized many smokers, and caused them to quit because they could not enjoy a cigarette with their beer at the end of a day. The reason, as many of you know, was that it was for the safety of the workers in the pubs, and the non smokers.
    There is soon to be a law that will ban smoking in every single public place, even outdoors. Smokers will in fact be forced to smoke only at their house, friends houses who are okay with it, or designated places in public.

    Discuss. For the smoking ban? Partially for? Againt?

    I personally am partially for the smoking ban. Banning smoking in a pub is acceptable. However, in an attempt not to alienate the smoking % (Which, admittedly, is low in the UK, but in other countries where this law is applicant is rather high) there could be designated pubs which could be 'smoking'. Ergo, if your a non smoker or someone seeking work, have a drink or apply here at your own risk of second hand smoke.

    The liscences to a pub which allows this would be hard to attain and take time, to make sure an economic inbalance would not be created. Also, smoking could be allowed after a designated time. (e.g 19:00-01:00)

    As for no smoking even in outdoors? I find it simply ludicrous. It doesnt take half a second for you, being a smoker, or not, to move 5 meters away from the other person. Second hand smoke problem finished.

    Anarchy mode, discuss.

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    People keep getting all tight about smoking in clubs, yet there always seems to be a smoke machine or two filling the room with smoke. I know, not quite the same, but you're still breathing in other things than air which can be irritating to some people's lungs all the same.

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    There is a similar law here that ban smoke in public places like pubs, supermarket, shops, public transport.....
    If you smoke inside a public place you can get a fine from 25 to 500 euros; you can be forced pay double fine if you smoke near a pregnant woman.

    I'm totality with it, I can't understand why I must breathe smoke if I don't want.
    Passive smoke is dangerous and could cause respiratory diseases and lungs cancer, and is more dangerous if you smoke near somebody with a disease (for example Cystic fibrosis).

    I heard people against don't want it saying "smoke is dangerous, but smog too and it is everywhere, so if you breathe more junk what will change?".
    Then my answer "Are you joking I hope".

    Difference in quantities are important, so don't use it as an excuse to try to poison non-smokers.

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    In the state of Florida, our governor passed a smoking ban about five years ago. It banned smoking in any establishment that made over 20% of their revenue from the sale of food items. I'm pretty sure the ban also bans smoking in public places except for designated areas. I am 100% for the ban. Mainly because my parents are both nurses and have always said that smoking is a gross habit and it causes cancer and etc.

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    Ban smoking indoors? You bet, because I don't like having to sit in rooms that stink of smoke or where the smoke is so thick that it's impossible to tell if the person sitting on the other side of the table is a guy, girl, or alien.
    I'm also in favor of banning smoking in open-air places where lots of people have to sit in close proximity to each other, such as sports stadiums. I don't want smokers on railway stations or in parks either, not because of their smoke, but because too many just flick their cigarrette butts onto the ground wherever they are. It just looks ugly, and costs lot of money to remove.

    But if people stand alone in the street and smoke I couldn't care less, unless I walk past and they blow their smoke into my face.

    But whatever the law is, it's impossible to ban that horrible stench coming from the clothes and the mouths of smokers. *pukes*


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    I'm all in favor for banning smoking inside places, and away from extremely public places.

    Our government passed a law now that you have to be 500metres or something away from a Government building.

    Now though, they are trying to ban smoking in the car when your child is in there. That -- I think is utter bullshit to put it bluntly. If parents are irresponsible to pollute their childs lungs, that is their choice. It's not the governments choice. If a person pays for their car - their insurance - their gas, then they should be able to smoke in their car, plain and simple.

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    There has been a Smoking ban here in Fort Wayne and Allen County for the last year. This covers all restaurants ,public buildings and work places. As a non smoker I think its great. But it has hurt some of the Bars and Pubs around town. If any thing could be changed in this law It would be that smoking be allowed in establishments that only allow those over 21 to enter. Also most of our Hospitals have banned smoking all together on there campuses.

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    They keep trying to pass laws like that here in Pa, the individual citys have there own laws, but they keep being shot down by the smokers.

    I don't care who smokes, as long as I don't have to smell it, if they all die it means more air for me.

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    I am all in favor of a smoking ban inside public buildings... for everyone's health. If you choose to smoke... that is your decision to make and no-one should criticize you for it. However if you do it outside... or in your own home or car... why does that matter to anyone?

    On the other hand... if your smoking is potentially endangering the health of your children the government needs to step in and do something. Healthcare in Canada is provided by the government... and we all know the health problems caused by prolonged tobacco usage. I personally think that Canada should outlaw smoking period b/c paying for all the health problems caused by smoking costs the taxpayers money. If you want to get your own private health insurance out of your own pocket then sure, puff away... otherwise your well-being is the government's responcibility... so they have every right to say what you can and cannot do in reguards to your health.

    Mandi: You just posted a rant the other day about how frustrated it made you that your mom smoked inside the house when you were trying to quit. I figured you would at least be sympathetic when it comes to a ban on smoking in the presence of minors.

    Every single human being on this planet has a right to clean air to breath... from birth until death. If you choose to breath something else... okay... but at least give me a choice whether to put up with it or not.

    All this being said... I do have friends who smoke... I hang out at their house... it doesn't bother me at all. However I do have a choice in the matter... so I can't blame anyone but myself if I suddenly decide to stop putting up with it. My friends are very considerate and only smoke outside or in the back room... so there isn't a problem.

    There exists a so-called "smokers' etiquitte"... unwritten rules... generalized common-sense guidelines on when and where it is appropriate to smoke, and many smokers follow them. There are some who do not... and these are the people who need to be educated. It's like if I were to drop a load in my diaper and go sit in a crowded theatre or restaurant. It smells... it is rude and inconsiderate... there are people who would rather not have to deal with it. The same applies to lighting up a smoke.

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    I completely agree with you, on the ban inside. However, my whole point with smoking inside the car is that it is personal space, and space that someone should have the right to smoke in.

    Whether or not the Gov. pays for our healthcare has nothing to do with it, and the Gov. doesn't pay for everyones. I know for a fact my mother pays for our health care (Granted, we have much better hospital accommodations, as well as free drugs because of it.)

    If I pay for my car. If I pay to drive my car, e.g. gas, and if I pay the insurance, as well as all those silly car tests you need every year, as well as renewing plates and my license then that is -my- space, and -my- things, and I should be able to do what I want with them. If that includes smoking then that is my issue.

    Now, I don't think it is right to smoke in the car with a minor, and I don't like that my mom does it with me (Especially lately) however she chooses to disregard my feelings. That is HER choice though, and it should remain HER choice, not the Governments.

    They may not want people to smoke with their children, but they shouldn't be able to control whether they do or not, and that's my bitch with it. Again, you mentioned the free healthcare. If the Gov. wants to ban everyone on welfare, disability, or something similar then be my guest. However - that argument doesn't stand up when it involves people who pay for their healthcare.

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