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    Unhappy Erp.

    Well, I hope my rep doesn't go down any further for this post of complaint. I found that someone neg-reped a post when I said that I has 29 stuffed friends, the neg-rep said "I have no friends." Pointless troll? I dunno, it seems pretty immature that someone would bump my rep down because they have not stuffed animals. I was pretty sad when I saw my rep had gone down for no reason. When people see a negative rep, people usually think troll or stupid poster. Not me I say! I really hope I don't get bumped down again for complaining, just feeling sad about it.

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    Wow are you kidding me? thats wrong. But I don't know if this is the place to report that... Still thats messed up.

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    That rep doesn't seem deserved or legit at all. Post in the requests forum, and have it reviewed.

    Understandable you are feeling sad, but generally posting a thread complaining, or being sad about a neg-rep you received generally gets you more neg-rep. I suggest maybe posting this as a blog next time.

    But like I said - I don't really think you deserved it, and sorry to hear your feeling down. *hugs*

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    Invalid rep. Chances of getting it removed: High.

    Don't worry about it...

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    And remember: One negative rep don''t mean it's the end of the world.

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    This should probably be on the request board....Even if you aren't intentionally reporting it

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    If you think you received reputation you do not deserve, please start a new thread in the Requests forum, giving details as to why you think it was not deserved. Make sure you choose "for the webmaster" and an appropriate title when opening that thread in the Requests forum

    Whining about reputation in the public forum is generally not appreciated. It tends to cause drama and may eventually lead to you getting more bad reputation.
    In the light of that argument, this thread is now closed.


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