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Thread: Did you get where you planned to?

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    Default Did you get where you planned to?

    I have been thnking about my future lately, planning for college and thinking about my job options to pay for it. Still have work to do there. I seem to forget that I won't be in high school forever.

    I wanted to ask all the adults on adisc, did you get to where you wanted to in life? If you did, how long did it take you to get there? If you didn't, are you happy anyway? I can't say much about myself right now, but I just hope to make a living doing somthing that will make me happy. As unrealistic as that sounds, I will try to reach my goal one day.

    Hope I am not asking too much. Just was wondering how others lives turned out. I may even hear something to help mine.

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    I got where I wanted to go, not where I thought I'd go. I always wanted to be in the graphic design field and had been told my whole life it wasn't possible. I consequently waffled around a lot in college taking all sorts of classes and eventually never graduated. Despite this I have managed to get into the field I always dreamed of and make a pretty good living off it. I find myself very lucky to be able to do what I love as my job. I'm 30 now, and have been doing this for about 8 years or so at this point.

    Don't buy into the BS that you can't get your dream job. Whatever it is. Hell I have even worked in comics (Marvel comics, albeit as an assistant inker) and in film design. Two things I always dreamed of doing, although I found the actual reality of them to not be to my taste.

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    Life is a very interesting journey, and because of my philosophies, I would NEVER say I've made it to where I want to be. I'm only 29 years old, so I have a whole lot of life ahead of me, or at least I plan to, so for me to say that I'm where I want to be would be essentially declaring that the rest of my life will be meaningless or that it couldn't get any better, or that I can't make it any better.

    What I will say is that I'm reasonably happy with how it's gone so far. I got my bachelors in television production, and I've been working in the field for seven years now, so one could say I've done well in that regard. But, this fall, I'm leaving my job and going back to school. I'm completely changing fields, going for a masters in urban planning. Why? It's time for a new challenge, and I've gained a whole lot more perspective on myself and the Universe since I started my undergrad 11 years ago.

    Aside from that, I own a house, and I have an amazing boyfriend of over two years now. But again, I'm not going to declare that I'm "where I want to be". Who knows, when I get done with school, I might get an opportunity somewhere else that is really appealing. At age 18, I hadn't dreamed that in a few years I'd have a hard break with religion and come out of the closet. When I turned 25, I never thought I would consider my 26th birthday the best one just because I had survived being hit by an SUV that ran a red light and smashed me on my bicycle, and I had survived to even see the 26th. There were a lot of things that have happened on this journey we call life I could have never conceived would happen, and yet here I am.

    It really is a daunting task society foists upon an 18-year-old, to figure out what to do with the rest of your life. My advice? Don't think of your decision as final or as the only decision. The point of life is to LIVE it, so don't box yourself in by saying that what you choose at 18 is the final choice. Come up with an idea and go after it, and if it doesn't work out, then take that experience as a lesson and use it to make a new plan.

    And NEVER EVER stop moving forward. If you're not growing, you're dying. Think about this-I'm leaving a stable job in one of the worst economies in the United States to go pursue a masters degree. Some might call that stupid, but I want a new challenge and feel like it's time to move along now. I'm 29 and going back to school, so don't ever let anyone make you think that the thing you're doing now is the final answer. Get out there, get to it, and make it happen. You're the only one that can make your story a successful one.

    And here's to hoping that your story is a success beyond anything you can dream of!

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    I'm not that much older than you but I can say that I'm where I would like to be. I'm at university studying biochemistry like I wanted. Admittedly the whole biochemistry thing has only been my goal for a year but I'm where I want to be regardless. You may find that your goals in life change as you get older, at the moment I want to do forensics when I graduate but I may have changed my mind in two years time. You can go exactly where you want in life but I've found that planning only the next step is better than planning every minute detail in advance. Things will change and it's better to roll with it than worry that you aren't going exactly where you planned how ever many years ago.

    Just my two cents.

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    I didn't plan to get here, but that's mostly due to the visual handicap that started setting in at around autumn '05. It made me flush all the plans I had for the future, change my hobbies, and everything.
    What I am sure of though, is that I have found the girlfriend I have wanted for a long time. I plan to stay with her for as long as possible.
    What the rest of my future will be? I have no idea. There maybe more options for me then I could possibly think of.

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    Not yet.

    My plan is complex, and scary for someone of my age.

    I graduate next year. I will be 18.

    I wish to go to Australia and see some friends. Not just go there, but live there and go to college there.
    Someone from Ohio with no money saved up wishes to move all the way to Western Australia and attend college there.

    It terrifies me, and I have major doubt. But that does not mean I will not try.

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    I plan to go to college after I graduate and get a major in applied mathematics and a minor in criminology. I would also like to travel in my future, to rarely seen places, I know it's a stretch but I can still dream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taihaku View Post
    Not yet.

    My plan is complex, and scary for someone of my age.

    I graduate next year. I will be 18.

    I wish to go to Australia and see some friends. Not just go there, but live there and go to college there.
    Someone from Ohio with no money saved up wishes to move all the way to Western Australia and attend college there.

    It terrifies me, and I have major doubt. But that does not mean I will not try.
    Come live with me. It's slightly less daunting. >:

    Also, I've been accepted into what seems to be one of the better schools in the country for a program that I wanted to get into, and my parents set up an education fund when I was younger that'll likely keep me from having any student loans. I'm well on my way to what I want in the future. I don't know quite what that is, but you can't plan for everything, and I'd rather have room for experimentation.

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    I'm in a good place considering my age. Well, the lack of any romantic relationship so far in life is a bit of a letdown, but career wise I'm set up well: I'm currently doing a major (Computer science) that I'm enjoying a lot and, as things stand now, I'll finish my undergrad with some money saved up. What I'll do after, I won't lie, I'm not sure, but I will have a lot of options opened up for me, so even if I do the wrong choice initially I should be able to correct course with relative ease. But ya, baring a disaster I still have 60 to 80% of my natural life in front of me, so this isn't really a good time for a postmortem

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    When I was younger, I did not expect to develop schizophrenia, I did not expect to be living off SSDI, and I did not expect that I would be an alcoholic.

    With that said, I am happy that I am in a position where I am building a great life for myself with the hand I have been dealt. I really am not in a bad spot these days. I have almost nine months of sobriety, a wide social circle, and progress on getting financial aid so that I can take some classes when Fall comes around. All in all, I am not proud of the journey that got me to where I am today, but I am moving forward.

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