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Thread: What are your best thrift/donation store finds?

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    Question What are your best thrift/donation store finds?

    What has everyone here found at places like Goodwill, Savers, etc. that they bought and enjoy?

    My best finds would be a guitar slide I found for 25 cents (actually it was during a half off sale so it was 12 cents) and a pack of 12 kendall wings diapers for $3.
    Plus I have bought audio cables and an AV switcher I use to switch sound back and forth from TV to stereo.

    I'm curious as to what great finds you fellow adisc members have found. Bonus points for great deals on diapers!

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    Being the weird duck that I am, I was quite thrilled to find a ratty black real fur coat at a thrift store for like $5. Wore it for years.

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    i got a push-chair for 20 some years ago.
    and even longer ago, i got a load of Molicares for about 1.50 per pack, from a temporary clearance store.

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    My best was probably my $30 stroller from the Salvation Army a couple of years ago.

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    I got a killer Crate 225 bass amp for $9.95 from goodwill. The output transistors were fried but replacements were even cheeper on ebay.

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    Electric egg beater for 50 cents. Someone stole the actual beaters from that particular model, so I borrowed some from another one nearby. Needed something to mix up petrobond sand for my furnace.

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    Not my find, but I know a guy who got the golden Nintendo 64 with 2 gold controllers for like... 20 bucks? He sold me my N64, actually... Black, 2 controllers, 2 games... for just 25 dollars... I love you, Dave from Craigslist

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    I found brand new New York Rangers sweatshirt for 1.99, many many ties for $1 each one was a $24 brand new mickey mouse tie. An awesome fedora for like $3, mugs plates and glasses. A huge box of hockey cards, books movies and music.

    I love second hand stores.

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    I've found a few pairs of brand new never worn shoes and boots as well.

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    A fully functional with dual 5.25" and 3.5" drives Apple IIe with extra memory module and working serial card for $19. Also bought the box of random floppy disks they had for another $5. Had a bunch of really random things in it, the best being a complete copy with code wheel of A Mind Forever Voyaging (when the computer died, sold that to an collector of old Infocom games for $140)

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