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Thread: Anyone Seen this Car?

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    Default Anyone Seen this Car?

    Recently, while driving down CO Hwy 82, I was passed by a tiny yellow Mini Cooper with NJ plates.. (couldn't get a clean shot of it) one of the first things I noticed was the COOPER logo was modified to POOPER. also, looking on the bumper, saw the word PANTZ written on it..
    So.. Who here has the POOPER PANTZ car?

    it was good for a laugh anyway

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    hahaha too funny!! Not mine but I'd love to get a yellow mini. Just not with those modifications.

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    Haha, that would be a funny thing to see driving down the road. XD Thanks for sharing.

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    Haven't seen that car, but what were you doing driving down CO 82? I drive that road all the time! I'll have to be on the lookout! Nice to know there may be another DL near me!

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    umm, I commute to Aspen almost every day.. note: it had NJ plates. going to Snowmass

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    Somebody likes to be obvious. I should get "dprwuff" plates for my Skyline! (NOT)

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    could turn this into an interesting liscence plate thread DPR4EVR

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    Mini's are fun little cars to drive. Mine is a 02 Cooper. Indy Blue, Black top. And my side flashing lights have flames.

    On another note, ill see if the car is registered with Mini Club. maybe get a picture of it

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    Quote Originally Posted by bebe huey View Post
    umm, I commute to Aspen almost every day.. note: it had NJ plates. going to Snowmass
    Me too, good to know that there is a fellow diaper wearer nearby!

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