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Thread: Do you enjoy the cushioning you get from diapers

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    Default Do you enjoy the cushioning you get from diapers

    I like it.It feels good.Right now I'm sitting on a old mini fridge while playing dead redemption in half lotus.I could never sit in this when I'm not diapered

    Half lotus:
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    Yes, I do enjoy the cushioning of diapers. They make everything much, much more comfortable!

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    Yes, that's one of the things I like about diapers =3, is how soft and comfortable they can be. Especially the really good ones like Bambino, Abriform X-Plus, and Dry 24/7.

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    I love the feeling of a cushiony diaper especially a thick diaper.

    This got me thinking about how today's baby diapers are so rediculously thin. I remember when baby diapers were much thicker and would cushion a baby's fall.

    But today's diapers don't have that same effect anymore as they cry more often when their butts hit the hard flooring. Poor things. :-(

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    I do like it most days, but sometimes i find it can also be uncomfortable. If sitting on a hard chair, sometimes the edge of the padding can make a sore spot.. especially on the really thick ones, it's kinda like sitting on a 2x6..

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    Sitting on a metal bench feels like sitting on a couch while diapered.

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    It feels amazing. It's the laziest thing ever. You have an instant seat cushion attatched to your butt, and when you have to go, you go. Win-win.

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