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Thread: Ready to join a new diapered community

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    Default Ready to join a new diapered community

    I've been searching lately for a new AB/DL community to call home, and I think I've found it here. I've done some looking at these forums beforehand to see if they are the place for me and just today decided to go ahead and make a profile.

    As far as my interest in diapers go, I would put myself somewhere between AB and DL with at least some tendencies toward Sissy/LG. I've been interested in diapers ever since Elementary school. It started with me having a little sister that was a bed wetter and me wishing that I could get to wear Goodnites. Later in High School after I got my first part-time job, I bought my first pack of diapers (size 4T-5T girls pullups) and amazingly, they fit. I've been wearing diapers, mostly girls Pullups and Goodnites, for quite a while now. I must admit that I have a hard time accepting this as who I am and tend to go through binge/purge cycles with my diaper stash. I'm working to be okay with myself, and am have lately found wearing diapers to be less of a sexual thing and more of something that just feels nice.

    As far as my non-diaper interests go, I'm really into video games, Magic the Gathering, Anime, music and travel. I tend to gravitate towards single player games with my favorite genre by far and large being RPG's (huge TES fanboy, can't wait for Skyrim). I look forward to getting to know some of the people in this community and hopefully learning to better love and accept who I am.

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC!
    Your intro, unlike many, was good in that it wasn't all diapers, so you get off to a good start here.
    You say you like traveling - been anywhere recently?
    Anyhow, look forward to seeing you round.

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    Welcome to ADISC, Ponyprincessboy. I am sure you will enjoy the time you spend here.

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    Heya Ponyprincessboy! Welcome to ADISC and hope you enjoy your time here.

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    Well, decided to circle around back here after checking out some other forums and going on a group joining spree. Definitely have a bit in common with plenty of people on here.

    As far as travel goes, it's been 3 years since my last major trip. I went to Spain on a study abroad program (but also did a bit more travel around Europe while I was there). I've been to London, Paris, Switzerland, Sweden, Greece, Venice, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein (although it was just a 2 hour stop between Switzerland and Austria) and, as mentioned earlier, Spain. I would like to travel again, been considering Scotland, Wales, Japan, Australia or even possibly somewhere in South America (and have a chance to dust off all those years of Spanish classes).

    My biggest surprise I'm finding is popular Pull-Ups are on this site. They've always been my main go-to diaper, but most other AB/DL groups I've seen usually go more for adult diapers (or maybe I'm just fortunate enough to be of a small enough stature to fit into them). There is also some joy in going to the baby aisle for my diapers as opposed to the incontinence aisle.

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    Hey! Welcome to ADISC! I hope you find the home here that you were looking for, you say your into RPG's have you ever played the Dragon age saga? It's by far my favorite

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    I own Dragon Age Origins, but I haven't beaten it yet. I like the game, I just have a huge backlog a.k.a games to beat before Skyrim comes out. I might add to that list another playthrough of Morrowin and Oblivion (with mods).

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    Yeah DA: Origins was a killer game. The story line went by pretty fast though :/ I havn't had time to play the second one though although i own it.

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