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Thread: What if they're one of us?

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    Default What if they're one of us?

    How weird would it be for a cashier or someone that was in a store at the time you were purchasing diapers was one of us and came on this site and read some of the stories and realized that they were there?


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    *gives this thread his stamp of theoretical possibility*

    I don't know... has it happened before? Unlikely.

    Could it happen? Absolutely.

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    I don't see why it's so unlikely....wasn't the ratio of DLs to non something like 1:100? There's a lot of pharmacy cashiers out there...

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    It could happen, but the chances are pretty slim.

    It'd actually be pretty interesting.

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    But I'd be willing to bet that it has happened. They just don't mention anything! With how many times I've gone to the local CVS to find that they're out of guys XL Goodnites or Medium CVS Generics, I bet they only make DL-related assumptions for the first couple weeks of working at that particular pharmacy. I think you'd eventually just become calloused to it.

    Unless of course a teenage boy or girl comes up to the counter with XL Goodnites, a package of Depends, some baby powder, wipes, and a paci...

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    A little digresion.... I remember i talked with another DL that worked as a train ticket collector on a train i took often. I met him never and saw never a pic of him, but have allways after that thought when on the train: "Can this train ticket collector be a DL?"

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    we get the idea.. and lol its fun thnking about it, but its super unlikely

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    Over at another site I visit, one of the guys is a cashier in a drug store and is a DL so it is likely and true.

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    It is pretty unlikely to happen around here, but nothing is impossible. I just found out that one of my cousins is a furry and goes to the same MUCK I do. Anyway, a DL is considered more "unacceptable" than a furry here. So...

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