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Thread: Hello from a lurker

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    Default Hello from a lurker

    Hi all. I rarely post, but kind of have to since I can't read the forums without doing the 'level up' thing. So HI! Hope everybody is having a GOOD day, and who knows, maybe I'll post again sometime.


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    Hey, I just joined as well. Tell us a bit more about yourself, sounds like it's highly recommended

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    Hi, christi. Welcome to ADISC. You don't have to be so shy, or stay a lurker. I think you would have much more fun here if you would join in and be a more active part of the community. I hope to see more of you and your postings in the forums. Take care.

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    OK, I'll milk my intro for my second post too. So let's see, the cheat sheet says...

    Who am I? I'm a mechanic, retired, but still enjoy playing with my grown up toys.

    What brings me here? That would be a reference to ADISC from a post in the Daily Diapers forum. :-) I'm a part time/occasional DL.

    What are my other interests? Mechanics as stated above. Old WWII aircraft, and camping(trailer).

    What am I looking for out of this site? Just doing a bit of research follow up, and maybe read some stories.

    OK, I played nice. Do I get a cookie now??? <giggles> Thanks for the welcome!!!

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