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Thread: I got out alive!

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    Smile I got out alive!

    Just bout some diapers today. Girl Goodnites, XL size, there were 13 but because I'm wearing there are 12 in the pack now. Is so happy! It wasn't as hard as I thought once I got to the register!

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    I guess this was your first time buying diapers. It's a little scary at first, but it's not as bad after you've done it once or twice.

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    Congrats! That's awesome.

    I plan on buying diapers from a store when I can drive a car without someone else in the car.

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    Lacking a car, I had a bike and a backpack. I stalled for like, half an hour. An employee even came up and asked me if I needed help finding anything. I told him I was looking for something to donate to my churches outreach program, he went on his merry way. Then, I just kinda grabbed the Goodnites, waltzed up, put them on the counter, and handed over my $20. Getting change, the cashier was a pro, he didn't even ask me what was up, just handed the $6.01 and sent me off. Bonus points for the fact that Goodnites are the most comfortable things I've ever worn!

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    Congrats! I did it for the first time today too. It was scary but I'm sure it will get better.

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    congrats but I see you din't got with my suggestion of depends.

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    Good for you, the goodnights are better than depends, well at least there very cute.

    They don't hold that much unless you use something inside, I tried them and liked them very much.

    The first time is always the worst, untill the next time that is, you will be a seasoned diaper buyer soon.

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    its weird that Goodnites cost 13.99 at the place I was at today, but their 9.99 just down the road. I didn't go to the other one cause I just bought some adult diapers there a couple days ago.

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