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Thread: A random query regarding a particular store diaper experience...

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    Default A random query regarding a particular store diaper experience...

    Sorry for the uber-mysterious thread title, but I couldn't think of a good way to phrase the following question: Have any of you been in a store selling diapers, and have seen an unpurchased package sitting on the shelf opened, with diapers taken from it? I have seen this three times (that I can recall): once, as a little kid, I specifically asked my parents to buy me a package of Pampers Baby-Dry that had a hole in it (I was a late trainer. Even as I wore them, though, I didn't like them, but I did have a certain subconscious fascination with them.). They declined. More recently, I have seen two incidents of this at the same CVS Pharmacy-- once with size six girls' Easy-Ups, and... once with Depends Maximum Protection. *shifty glances* Hmm...

    How about you?

    Oh, and also: I'd appreciate hypotheses as to why this occurs. I'm pretty baffled, other than the chance that there are either diaper-eating vermin infesting pharmacies everywhere, or there is a rabid, thieving *B/DL on the loose ('nuff said).

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    Or... you know... there was an IC guy who needed to change really badly and was also a jerk and didn't want to buy a new pack. Teenagers that wanted to play a prank. Person that just likes to commit vandalism. MOLE PEOPLE?!

    The list goes on.

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    Can't recall ever seeing an opened package of diapers in stores. The most likely explanation is that the diapers are being stolen by people who need them, such as parents of infants and incontinent individuals.

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    I saw this once in a Dollar General with some 5 dollar adult pull-ups a LONG while back... Out of desperation, I bought them anyway as it was all I could get. There were 9 out of 10. Not a big loss, in my book. They sucked anyway.

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    I used to pop open packs of baby diapers in the late 90's to verify if they were still plastic or had made the switch to cloth. I never stole any though, if they were plastic I'd buy them but if they weren't I put them back.

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    I seem to see that all the time, I imagine its probably a result of people checking what the product looks/feels like (those pictures on the front are pretty worthless obviously), or just run of the mill vandalism you know like those people who can't resist breaking glass or stomping flowers you know etc etc.

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    I dont really know about the diaper eating vermin or pamper vandals. However it could be parents checking prospective buys, pull one out check it pat it feel it carress it, put it back on the shelf somewher and buy the un opened pack. As for the ABDL theory, for a portion of our ranks we started with stealing diapers, I never thought of doing at the local walmart, but hey new and budding ABDLs have to start somewhere that their parents are going to go every once in a while. Acessibility+and opertunity=Good times to be had

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    Ive seen it with baby diapers but never with adult diapers, i always figured it was some mother out shopping with her baby and she frogot the diaper bag.

    But now that the Mole People hypotheses has been proposed I can see that its the only reasonable answer

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    I worked in a grocery store years ago and a couple of times a year we'd find an open package of baby diapers on the 'markdown' rack, a place for discontinued items, that happened to be situated right outside the door leading the public toilet.

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    I saw this with a pack of goodnites, two had been taken. I was literally almost going to buy it as it was the first on the shelf, I'm glad I didn't. The way I checkout my goodnites is with the self checkout meaning I put it on weighing scales after I scan. If it's wrong by any more than 5 grams the whole freaking checkout area knows about it and then I "require assistance". That would be MEGA embarrassing and I'm glad it's never happened to me whilst buying diapers.

    so word of warning don't buy an already opened package if you using a self checkout.

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