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Thread: What Kind of Diaper Should I Buy?

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    Default What Kind of Diaper Should I Buy?

    I don't really wear diapers just to wear them, but to go to the bathroom when I'm in the middle of something like a video game. I've found they're pretty helpful. But I need to know what has the best absorbancy. I was wondering if any of you guys do the same thing, and what is most absorbant. Also, is it safe to buy over the internet with my mom staying home for online college?

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    Bambinos or abena are good online ones you can buy. Also to get them pass your mom try to get them before your mom sees the package and hide them

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    If you have the $$ to buy online, I suggest also buying a box at the local UPS Store, and have your stuff shipped there.

    If Mom is a snooper, you're f***ed if you have them shipped home.

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