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    Hello everyone just thought I’d make a little intro thread 
    So i guess a little about myself :P
    I am a slightly shy, sensitive and fun loving babyfur with a strong mischievous streak my species is the Red Fox.
    I am currently studying Maths physics and Geography aspiring to go to university next year to study geography.
    My hobbies include primarily of water sports particularly sailing in which i hope to get my instructors qualification in the summer, i occasionally write the odd story but not really completed any of them fully as i am always thinking of stuff to add :P i also enjoy handing around with my friends.
    I came to this site looking for a group of friendly, like minded people
    If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask

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    Heya Shyfox! Nice choice of animal, I love foxes. Your hobbies sound interesting and cool, especially the water sports one. Well, welcome to ADISC and hope you enjoy your time here.

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    *sneaks up and pounces the fox and licks him* hwello!!!

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    Are foxes known to be particularly mischievous? I didn't know that

    However, I'm not surprised you enjoy water-related sports like sailing, since you do live on an island. Ironically, I've never managed to get anywhere near the sea during my last UK trip though

    Anyway, enjoy your time here. There's many like-minded and friendly people around here


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