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Thread: Diaper Genie

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    Default Diaper Genie

    Hey everyone, I just got a diaper genie and I don't know what it is, but Im excited to try it out, I think its kind of funny what us AB/DL think are fun and exciting, anyways since I told my girl friend about my fetish and not hiding things anymore, being more mature and responsible with things, why should disposal be any different.

    Anyways tell me what you think, give me some feed back
    (p.s I heard they are really good for keeping odor down)

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    yup theyre pretty decent, I enjoy having one and disposing that way instead of hoarding plastic bags and using one for every wet diaper I wear.

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    I'm happy with my cheaper alternative, a basic bathroom trash can with a lid(Foot pedal style), trash bags with odor reducing stuff(Glad, etc), and a bit of baking soda in the bottom of each bag, and a tid-bit in each diaper when possible - Keeps the smell down, easy to change out and more discreet for those who aren't able to have a diaper genie out.

    Hope it treats you well though, I've personally never had the chance to try one, but I do hear good things!

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    Very cool! Let us know what you think!

    I've been meaning to get one but haven't had a chance to yet.

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    I been using one for a long while now I got the elite one what hold a weeks supply into it and I go throw 3 or 4 a day with no problem with odor at special sine use my diaper for both. When you buy the refills just make sure you buy the one for toddler’s those bag will hold a lot more then infant one would there strong for more heaver diapers.

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    So far so good, its not out in the open I have it in the closet so far I'm liking it, not sure about the other refills but the green ones smell nice

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    I want to get a diaper Dekor XL. it's supposed to be for big diaper boys, and holds a lot. Anyone used the Dekor XL?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eulogy View Post
    I'm happy with my cheaper alternative, a basic bathroom trash can with a lid(Foot pedal style)
    I have this too!
    Not only for diapers, also for my pads too. I have to wear them 24/7 due to my minor bladder leakage that I can't control, so the garbage can with lids works just fine for me.

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    had one, wasnt worth the effort, nowadays the kitchen garbage can works just fine, and cheaper

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    Diaper Genies are kind of a hit-and-miss thing. Some people love them, others think they're worthless.

    Personally, I would advise getting a small garbage can which closes tightly (e.g. one with a foot pedal). Take it out often, and it should avoid any smells just fine, without the expensive diaper genie refills. You could also cut out the middle man and throw your diapers directly into the outside garbage, but that'd be inconvenient if you use a lot.

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