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    So as posted in an earlier topic I have had to wait all day to finally try the diaper. The padding is very comfortable but the plastic outside is not as smooth as I had heard. The diaper is not very crinkly and somewhat quiet. The fit is low and
    comfy. I like the tapes as the hold well. I have already adjusted them once. The diaper is still dry so I can't comment on the absorbency yet. I like the diaper but what do people really like about this diaper? Wish the plastic was smoother and not as stiff. The whole diaper feels stiff.

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    One of the reasons I like the Molicares so much is the soft flexible plastic they use.

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    I know exactly what you're talking about that the diaper is stiff! I thought the same thing when I wore for the first time.
    You do have to adjust them a lot...or use duct tape XD

    I really like that the diaper isn't as crinkly as I expected when you are wearing clothes, and that it can hold a ton! The tapes attach really well to the plasticy tapey stuff in the the front, but eventually I have to use packing tape or duct tape to keep it tight (thats a minor inconvenience though). I really like how the diaper is soft and has good leg-gathers. I can wet on my side (well, at an angle sitting on the couch) for a while without having to worry about leakage, and I can wet sitting down, standing, laying down, basically any position but on my stomach without being worried of leakage (and I'm a worry-wart :P)! This diaper is pretty amazing. I love it.

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    Simple way to handle the stiffness is to let them sit out of their bags for a few weeks(I know, pain in the arse when you just get a new product in), they'll poof out a bit then, and be more fluffy, as opposed to stiff(They'll also hold up with wetting a bit better as result, because the SAP isn't so tightly packed then)

    Only reason you need to do so is that they REALLY cram them into those bags(Well, they seal then plastic around them, so it makes sense)

    Even if you can't leave them out for a few weeks, just a couple days will help a good bit

    Also - The plastic not being as soft as you had heard is probably true. It's meant to be durable, not really soft(Though they tried I suppose), Give some of the other premium brands a try some time, you're bound to like others for different reasons

    I'm still partial to bambinos for day time usage, because they're thick, but not insanely so, and they don't swell up alooooott like Dry 24/7s or X-Pluses.

    Nonetheless, congrats on some decent padding I suppose, and hope you enjoy your weekend! *Poofs into a cloud of powder*

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    I put on my 2nd bambino this morning, powdered which I rarely do and found the perfect fit. I'm starting to like these diapers and I got a case:-)

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