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Thread: yellow goo

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    Default yellow goo

    Does anyone like the yellow goo that you get when u shear a diaper for like 10 hours. I've noticed that the goodnites really do this. And any ideas on how to reduce the slim you get from doing this? Thanks

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    Yellow Goo? I have never heard of this, and I've worn diapers for 12+ hours. I would suggest change more often.

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    Errrrr, gross, man. That stuff is yellow for a reason. It also smells bad for a reason. 2+2 = piss!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point Blanch View Post
    2+2 = piss!
    I thought 2+2= 2 poops?

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    Could be some SAP that leaked out, granted I've never seen it happen with goodnites. I could see it happening if you put a lot of pressure on the padding though...

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    Yellow goo? I've never personally had this, and I haven't heard of it :S. I hope it's not dangerous or anything, but if you get it often, you should think about changing more often...

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    This almost reads like a bad translation.
    Honestly soak, you need to do a better job explaining things. Try to explain the problem clearly without being gross and people will be more likely to be able to help you.

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