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Thread: Sizing problem with tranquility slimlines, am I alone?

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    Default Sizing problem with tranquility slimlines, am I alone?

    I purchased medium tranquility slimlines medium and have a waist size of 34 but due to the size of my legs these didn't fit and were really tight. So I had to purchase large diapers. It sounds weird but I've never had this issue with any other diaper. Anyone else ever notice this with tranquility?

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    I have not had that problem with tranquility before. My waist is about 36 and the medium size fits me just fine. In some diapers I am borderline medium/large but I haven't had a problem with that particular brand.

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    about a 34" waist here. Tranquility ATN medium (and the couple slimline i tried) fit me fine.. Although they do tend to be a somewhat smaller fitting diaper when compared to abena, moli, or Dry

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    i am a 29-31 waist so I gotta go with mediums. I agree that they run kind of on the small side but thats whi I like them cause they are a nice snug fit. I think depends cut into my leg like your saying.

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    I'm about a 32-34 in waist and I wear the mediums and have noticed that the leg openings seem a bit small. They seem to fit my legs better if I don’t try to pull them high & instead wear them like a low rise diaper.

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