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Thread: Too much to drink again

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    Default Too much to drink again

    Still wetting the bed at 25! Haha, woke up in a wet state this morning, should have been wearing but wasn't. Who else here has accidents when they drink too much beer/booze/apple juice?

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    Heck, I've had accidents without having drank anything. My best friend once got so drunk he passed out in a lawn chair and ended up peeing himself though, Lol.

    That was one heck of a 15th birthday party. xD

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    I'm 27 and well, when I drink too much or I know I'm going be drinking, I diaper up for the night

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    I've a bladder of steel, never happend after being 6 and I was ill laying in the hospital then. So it doesn't count :P

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    too much of anything to drink and i will have to go soon after and every hour for the rest of the night especially soda or juice. any kind of alcohol and I'm almost guaranteed wet padding in the morning.

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    I dont drink alcohol, but one time I drank so much, and succumb to water intoxication. Too much for my stomach to handle at one time. I ended up seeing everything I had in the toilet at 4am.

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    I usually drink a couple of cups of water/soda close to when I go to sleep, and sometimes I wake up thirsty at midnight.

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    I wish i would wet myself after drinking to much, I hate getting up 10+ times to pee after getting intoxicated.

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    I don't really drink. I don't avoid alcohol out-right but I don't get to drunkenness. The one time I did try to get drunk I came down with the flu the next day. Unrelated I'm sure but now I associate even a little bit of a buzz with that experience.

    Even if I did get drunk, I doubt it would ever happen. Much like Zowie19, I have the bladder of a Kryptonian.

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