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Thread: who has changed your diaper

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    Default who has changed your diaper

    who has changed your diaper? Was it a husband wife bf/gf, professional(nurse,psw,health care aid), what kind of diaper was it and how did it feel? I have only been put into a diaper once by my wife and her disapproval ruined any kind of pleasure for me.

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    Let's see, boyfriends, friends and more friends. No doctors yet, I'm mostly a DL so it's hard for me to justify having a medical person change my diapers for my "incontinence"

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    Butterfly Mage


    Usually it's me that changes my diaper. My spouse does on occasion as well.

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    A girl I was dating in High School thought AB/TB/DL was super cute and we would diaper each other. It didn't last as long as I would have liked but we did have fun.

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    having been a bedwetter:
    - Parents (me being age 6-7/8.... after that on my own)
    - Nurse at a hospital (bedwetting... hospital stay as to have that bloody appendix removed, age 11)
    - Mostly myself
    - GF (however I prefer to do it myself, she doesn't mind - but it's just not my kind of thing...)

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    Usually just me but my parents diapered me when i had problems when i was a lot younger. They stopped doing that when i was about 13 or 14 though. I hated it at the time but i'm glad it did now :P

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