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    I am so happy right now, I finally met someone in my town, not my state but my town who like diapers too,and he doesn't seem like a creep. I've been talking to him for a little while now, and am thinking about meeting up with him for a coffee tomorrow morning, and if that goes well maybe hang out after that. I know I seem a little too excited, but I haven't been able to hang out with another person who is into diapers for a long time now.

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    That's awesome! Hope things go really well.

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    Good luck with the meeting. I hope you will take all the reasonable precautions. Meeting in a public place is a good start. If you've got things in common beyond diapers, it's a very good sign that it won't be uncomfortable. Done right, they can be profoundly satisfying, even if the subject of diapers never arises.

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