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Thread: First diapers today!

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    Talking First diapers today!

    Well they were under jams but it counts. I got my first package of them at wal-mart today! They fit really well and I like them. Lets see I guess I can tell the story. Yesterday I got my sample of them in the mail so I knew they would fit. I waited till about 1:00 today to go to wal-mart since I had to get a few other things too. I went thinking well its the middle of the day not many people will be there. There wasn't to many people there. I got the other stuff I needed and headed down the baby Ilse. Well right when I was looking at the under jams trying to find the size in a hurry not wanting to be seen one of my friends from school came up to me to talk only thing I could think was OH shoot! How am I going to explain this since everyone knows I don't have any siblings or younger cousins. Well she talked 4 a minute and asked "whats with the diapers?" Out of no where I said "Oh there for Hayden the little girl I babysitting shes staying the night w/ us and my mom asked me to go get some for her since she wets the bed." Thank God she bought it. Well I end the conversation quick and headed for the check out lane and checked out quick with no questions and left. The most nerve racking thing I've ever done but it was so worth it.

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    Congatulations! That's great to hear, it must feel great. That encourages me a day should come soon

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    Yep. It's always scary the first time. Now that you've done it once, and nothing too bad happened, it'll be a lot easier to do it again.


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    Oh yay. =D That's great you got some. Still waiting to see them on the shelves where I live. Hope you have fun.

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    Isn't it all the luck that you would actually be seen by someone you know. Of course buying all the other things reminds me of the old, *to store clerk* "I'll take some gum, a comb, those cookies, a yo-yo, and um, uh, those diapers!" Well, you brilliantly pulled it out. Whew....

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    :bf-thankyou:Thanks for the support you guys. I'm really happy found the courage to do it I really didn't think I could but I did!

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    Congrats. I hope the underjams work out well for you. Great coverstory!

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