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    Hello everyone! My name is Dylan...I'm 19 and have already graduated high school. Not quiet sure what's next, but who really is at my age?

    Moving on to my interest in diapers. I've always had a small interest, or fetish as some call it to diapers. Even when I was in grade school clear up to now. It tends to go away but always flares back up soon. Although I'm 19 and have the money and a way to get to places, I havn't bought any diapers yet. I have bought some "gaurds for men" as I really like those. Havn't found anyone yet to shares this interest with me.

    I guess that's it for now. I'm just coming here to really see how other people relate to me in our interests, as well as to be part of the community!! Thanks for your time...


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    Hi Dylan, welcome to ADISC. What are these interests of yours which you would like to see how other people's interests relate to your…interests with their…interests…(grammar fail *facepalm*) I'm a singer myself, although in recent months have also become something of a physical fitness enthusiast as well.

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    Very nice introduction - simple but really sincere. I think you'll find this is a great community. Tell us more about your other interests and jump right into the other forum topics. Also, a suggestion - there's a monthly tradition here called SIDF (Sleep In Diapers Friday) which is the first Friday of every month. It is intended for people who don't wear often or never have. It's pretty self explanatory, just get some diapers or pull ups and wear them to bed that Friday night. I, on the other hand, wear to bed every night so it kind of doesn't count for me. Anyway, it might be a cool way for you to give it a try for the first time.


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