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    So when I was in my lab today, one of my lab partners was talking about how he doesn't like to watch Clemson basketball on tv. He said he'd rather watch family guy if it was on, and I agreed. The other lab partner said that if I was a character on Family Guy, I'd be Stewie (he said the baby) b/c I'm secretly gay and like to wear diapers (I'm neither gay nor have I ever given anyone the notion that I wear, although I do). I laughed and told him he was stupid, and he said that he bet that I couldn't look at him and tell him that I wasn't wearing a diaper at that moment while keeping a straight face, and of course I started to say that while cracking up laughing (fake laugh, hah). He was like so you do wear diapers! and the other lab partner asked me if it was cheaper in bulk or individually (jokingly). They were saying this stuff out loud in lab, so it was super embarrassing.

    So yea, I was just trying to get them to shut up and get started on the lab so I wouldn't start blushing (i felt my face and it was getting warm).

    That was my day today. So has anyone else ever been joked with about wearing diapers by people who have no idea that you wear, and how did you take it?

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    Never to me, but I've been in class a couple times where one girl has asked someone (rather loudly) "Are you wearing a DIAPER???" I always find this kind of odd, because honestly, who sees the band of someone's tighty whities and thinks "diaper?" Hmm…methinks the lady doth protest too much…well, perhaps not.

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    First of all, hang in there. Its alright. Even if they did figure out your secret, its still OK.

    I understand that this would be a rather awkward situation, but the bottom line is that anyone who is going to tease, belittle, or laugh at you, isn't worth the effort of being concerned about. That is tough to do, but hey, if they have any real character or substance of person, they wouldn't tease you or make fun. Sometimes real friends might tease each other, but if they are real friends, it isn't because they think less of you, its part of them actually accepting you but showing it in a rather inverse way.

    However, if these other folks are just plain jerks, I would recommend doing your best to just ignore them.

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    My science teacher, best guy in the world would always make jokes about how if you ever go into stocks, buy in adult diapers as well as always talking about how astronauts use them and whatnot, it always made me wonder, but I could always feel myself starting to blush every time he mentioned it.

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    That's weird.A few days after I told my mom we were having a conversation and she got into a argument with my baby sister and she said "pee in your pullup, your big brother does it" and she chuckled.I got angry and lectured her for it.My cousin once literally patted my butt while her friends were over and I looked back while she laughed.It's good to get used to embarassment, it teaches us how to cope with our emotions.

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    Your pain makes me giggle. My friend's aren't cool enough to be awesome like yours, though.

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    I thought Stewie didn't necessarily like wearing diapers, he just did in the earlier seasons.
    Where in the hell did they get that idea that you liked wearing diapers? Were you at the time? Couldn't you just ask them what this liking diapers thing is about and pretend as if you had no idea it's a fetish? I mean did they have any reason to think you had ever heard of infantilism?
    seems like it came out of nowhere.

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    I was out for dinner with the family once, then my auntie started to talk about when she was baby sitting me and my sister when we were quite young. She wasn't a mother at the time and had no idea what to do with me when it came to changing, so my older sister had to tell them what to do haha.

    Was kind of embarrassing talking about it at the time, especially because they kept saying "changing your nappy" hehe

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