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    Hey there!

    I've been interested in diapers for at least a decade, and first came across communities like these in 2005. I never really got into the lifestyle bit (as in actually wearing diapers, roleplaying, etc.) No offense to people who enjoy that kind of stuff, though.

    Not much else I can say about myself. I occasionally write stories, but mostly I tend to lurk. But who knows? I might become a bit more active this summer when my schedule clears up.

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    Well welcome to the site Always good to have new members. Try telling us a little bit more about you, what you like to do, what your hobbies are, etc.

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    To elaborate a bit:

    Jobs and hobbies-
    I don't have a job at the moment, but in the long term I'm looking into a career as an English tutor in Japan. I've been studying that language for a couple years now.
    I also dabble with Macromedia Flash, and I've been toying around with some game design in that program. On that subject, I'm really into gaming, particularly first-person shooters with strong storylines.

    My personal tastes- I'm a sucker for a lot of sci-fi books and movies, especially the more carefully researched ones. As for music? I used to be pretty picky, but now I'll listen to just about anything with some catchy melodies.

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    Ah a fellow writer, might I ask what you write about, genre, character examples ( ), and so and so.

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