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  • I have never told anyone about my *B/DL side.

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  • I have told someone, and it went over very well.

    24 40.68%
  • I have told someone, and it either went by OK, or the person didn't really care.

    15 25.42%
  • I have told someone, and it did not go over well, but they still love me/are friends with me.

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  • I have told someone, and it went over so badly, they are no longer in love with me/friends with me.

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Thread: If you've ever told anyone about your *B/DL side, how did it go over?

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    Default If you've ever told anyone about your *B/DL side, how did it go over?

    This question, however broad it might be, is simple enough: If you've told anyone about being *B/DL, how did it go over?

    I have had mixed experiences. Upon being discovered by having my stash discovered, I had to confess to my parents... It didn't go over well, AT ALL. Enough said... See my old thread on it if you care. On the other hand, when my sister caught me wearing a diaper, I had to give her a basic explanation of DLism to her, and it did go pretty well. (If you're interested, I wrote two threads as it happened.) I have told one real-life friend, who said that he thought it was weird, but that he had heard of stranger things. (Pretty decent reaction; we are still friends.) I think I'm very close to telling my girlfriend... we do not have sex,* but we are very close, and I don't feel right not being honest.

    *Too much unnecessary information? Sorry, but it really isn't.

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    I told my best friend and she took it pretty well she was very accepting.

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    I told my best friend a few weeks ago, having known him for over 5 years and never having the courage to talk about it.

    He took it really well, and could care less, but now teases me and jokes about it on a regular basis. (Not in a bad way)

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    I have never told anyone, but I have an inkling that some people around me know. I could just be paranoid, but sometimes it just feels like they know, not to mention there have been several times where it's blindingly obvious I'm hiding something.

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    Let's see. I've told:
    My best friend outside of school,
    Two of my other friends outside of school,
    My little brother,
    A priest (confession, long story),
    My dad,
    and unintentionally, my mom, since she caught me a few months ago.

    My friends took it well, and they accept me for who I am, and my brother may not exactly understand it, but we barely talk about it, so it's fine. My dad took it well, and said that he's fine with me being a TB, but being something and acting upon it are two different things, said he. My mom was, and I quote, "Sick to her stomach." Though, after a while of cooperation and thought, she now knows that I'm a TB, doesn't exactly accept it, but she allows me to go on this site, so I'm happy. But it's not like I'm getting her to buy me diapers any time soon XD

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    No one knows, as for me. I'd rather it stayed that way. I figure, if I can keep it hidden until college, I'll be good; I'll move to the campus, and be the DL I am. I wouldn't really care as much if a roommate found out, just my family can't know... or a certain friend of mine.

    How do I know that no one knows? My stepdad would FREAK if he found out that I was, and he would, I predict, beat the DL-ness out of me.

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    There where a few weird occurrences when I was really little so my parents might suspect something but it's probable that a lot of my other very strange behavior has greatly overshadowed that.

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    Lets see Caught many times when younger, thanks to siblings, mom wasnt impressed the first time, really ragy the second time as for the third fourth and fifth time um counseling with the family doctor, then the counsellor, then the psychiatrist. They were all really willing to try to fix me for the kind of money they were being paid. Thanks mom! Siblings thought it was f'ing hillarious, in their exact words.
    Almost got caught by the live in gf had to tell her, that went over like a lead brick, she elected to try to change my mind too, and we can work on it eventually became good bye. Told a couple friends over the years, that pretty much ended my high school social life.
    Seriously though it might have been different if I had known that I wasn't the only one cursed by what I like to wear.

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    I told my mom and babysitter/ family friend.

    My mom took it well, and actually allows me to buy diapers. Though she does remind me that she hopes I grow out of it. My babysitter took it well. She mainly just said that it was ok and that she understood. Overall, I'm pretty lucky. :P

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    I've never actually told anyone, but I had a friend who recently pieced together some things. He spent a few minutes searching Google, and the next day I had a nice long email telling me he had found out my secret. He's actually quite cool about it, so I really don't mind him knowing. It's only been a few days, but he's been as nice as ever- mostly just curious as to personal details about my fetish. It's actually nice to have someone who's willing to listen and not judge.

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