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    i just got my first pair of plastic pants (cant wait to spend all day in my abena x pluses and plastic pants no leakse at all) but i am currently wearing depends and plastic pants and man to the pants help keep the leaks in i luv them i can now go in public with no worries of leaking and i mite even try to go at school
    whats ur opinion on wearing these to school and than peeing right before my last class so i have to sit in in knowing i have a wet diaper on???? any sugestions

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    Hi This is my first post since joining. Yeah...It is great to not working about a dark streak running down your leg Hehe. I think I have bought from every company looing for something that would fit good-this time I am impressed and wanted to pass the info along. Recently I found some plastic pants that they said are made for depends and other diapers that are not cloth. I got them a few days ago and they are FANTASTIC. Not big and fluffy like most of the ones I have bought. Wanted to share this with everyone as my first post. hope I don't get into trouble for posting - Superior Incontinence Protection. Price is pretty good and they aren't big and loose over depends.

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    I'm jealous, I only got as far as goodnites to school. I was thinking about buying some plastic pants, but aren't they all the same? Or are some better than others? I mean, I can't see how you can add too many bells and whistles.

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    I'd be curious to hear responses on this because in my experience plastic pants seem to have some impact on leaks but not as much as a stuffer, say, or putting a diaper on properly. Plastic pants really are helpful in giving a feeling of extra protection because they can help with odors, noise, or a rupture of the plastic cover of the diaper. But I'm not sure they do much to prevent leaks, say, at the leg gatherings. So - if you're counting on the plastic pants for the security of wetting in class or somewhere, make sure you ALSO put the diaper on properly (not too tight, for one thing, and with, um, 'stuff' in the down position for boys lol) and if possible, avoid sudden floods, which are the main cause of leaks it seems anyways.

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    i totally understand i just tried it and soaked a depend with the plastic pants on and sat down fast and tried to push it all out and the plastic pants caught it all lol but yea good point

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    Quote Originally Posted by tejjjay47 View Post
    I'm jealous, I only got as far as goodnites to school. I was thinking about buying some plastic pants, but aren't they all the same? Or are some better than others? I mean, I can't see how you can add too many bells and whistles.
    The big difference is the thickness of the plastic , the type of plastic, the width of the crotch, and the elastic and how it is sewn on. So there are several things to look at. Have fun Donny.

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    Since I wear cloth and plastic, I know that you have to be careful to not flood the diaper so much that there is extra pee floating around in the plastic pants, because when you sit, it is likely to leak out around the back side of the leg gathering. That said, you are much better protected with plastic pants, than not having any. Also, with so many disposables going to paper backing, plastic pants puts the crinkly back. You also can buy them in cute baby designs.

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    although plastic pants will prevent most leaks to a point they are still not full proof. I have worn disposables before with plastic pants and still had them leak if i am laying down or sitting. for even better leak protection a pair of lined plastic pants is the way to go especially when out and about. so far the best one i have found for day use is the DTO cover that i bought from Xp medical

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    yea i mite try those next time i order abenas thanks for the review type thing lol

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