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Thread: My mom just head surgery

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    Default My mom just head surgery

    I would blog about this but I can't.
    My mom Just head surgery she a picmacker in stold in her hart. if her heart beat git's to low it give her a shock. I'm just happy that she back home and her surgery win good. it whas a stressful weekend for me.

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    To clarify:
    His mother had a pacemaker installed in her heart that will shock it if it starts beating too slowly.

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    Glad to hear that she's okay
    Why did she have to have surgery anyway?

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    her heart whas weekend biy a vi res. the pacemaker helps cip's her heart from stopping.

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    she well be fine. she just need's to tack it easy and try not to do any thing that would be too haed on her heart.

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    I'm glad she's okay Major surgery on a loved one is always a stressful situation. Just keep your head high and have her do the same!

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    My dad was recently (back in late February/early march) in the same situation only he was having his replaced. Anyways the doctor decided to to do it at the "11th hour" since it seemed my dad was using his only about 1% of the time. After that he had to where a monitor hooked to a cell phone for data transfers for about 2 weeks.

    Since then I haven't heard anything so I guess they still don't know what the plan is. Either way, these procedures have advanced pretty far in just one or two decades and aren't anything to overly worry about. Honestly, these operations are not that huge of a deal anymore IMHO.

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    I'm glad this worked out matt. We know you have an extreme learning and writing disability, so that's okay. Thanks for the translation Zephy. I like the name Zephy, as I've been calling you that for some time. On my part, it's an endearment. I always enjoy you.

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    I know that gitting a pacemaker is not a big deal anymore but still I don't like the idea of people cutting my mom opened it mack's me fill uneasy.
    the wears part whas setting in that waiting room but it's over now I can wipe the sweet of my face LOL.

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