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Thread: Have you been "caught" while someone else in your house is Skyping?

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    Default Have you been "caught" while someone else in your house is Skyping?

    I always walk around the house in diapers and a tee-shirt. However! Earlier this week my wife was Skyping with a friend when I walked through the dining room where she was sitting wearing my yellow plastic pants over the diapers. I'm going to have to be careful now to ask: "Are you Skyping with someone you don't want to know?" I don't care, but she does at times, especially with people who don't know me. Has this ever happened to you?

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    Thats a first time hearing that one for me, but sounds like it was one embarrassing moment lol.

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    Only two people in my house have skype, me and my mum. My mum only uses skype to talk to me when I'm at uni so I can safely say it hasn't (nor ever will) happened.

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    I'm the only one at home that uses Skype, so this isn't really an issue (especially since I don't make a habit of walking around in diapers, anyway). Beside, even with other ABDLs I'm fairly sure the most revealing thing I've been on Skype with was my sleeper and my nuky.

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