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Thread: Hi everybody.

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    Default Hi everybody.

    I'm happy to find this babyfur/littlefur community since there doesn't appear to be many out there that are stable and fairly active.

    A little info about myself, I enjoy playing video games such as Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Pokemon and other monster collecting games. I'm a fourth degree brown belt in taekwondo. I like to study animals and bugs. Lastly, I'm a littlefur and one of reasons for being one is that keeping touch with my inner-child helps keep my mind calm, another would be that my father left my mother and I before I was born, therefore I grew up without him and sometimes I think back to how my childhood may had been different if I had been raised by a father as well.

    Now about my fursona, Marcus, he's a four year old (ages by human years, not dog years) brown border collie that wears a blue t-shirt with a big yellow star in the middle, khaki cargo shorts, a red bandanna on his neck and black velcro sandals sometimes since he hates wearing shoes or anything at all on his feet, but prefers sandals because his feet feel less trapped in them.

    He tends to be shy and prefers one-on-one interaction, but with some coaxing he'll warm up to others.

    I look forward to meeting people and making new friends here. Oh, and getting a dad for my fursona. That would be awesome.

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    Ooo, another border collie! Hiya! :3 x

    Now, first off, this isn't strictly a BF/LF community, but there's a LOT of us here (especially in the IRC chat; pay us a visit sometime! :3).

    Secondly, I'm a huge fan of Pokemon (as I know some other members are!) and I just got Pokemon Black and White :3 Great games, I really think they've improved with these two, have you got them yet? Who's your favourite pokemon?

    Ooo...animals and bugs are cool :3 I used to spend hours outside watching crawlybobs (pillbugs/woodlice) and ladybugs an' stuff. Nowadays I'm a little scared of bees :s so in summer I tend to avoid bugs and whatnot. Still, where I live the park is full of animals; deer, badgers, foxes, frogs, bats...going out at night is always an adventure x

    I'm sure you'll fit right in here, Marcus :3 Welcome to ADISC!

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