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Thread: What to do with AB/DL friends?

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    Default What to do with AB/DL friends?

    I've been lucky enough to find a couple of good AB/DL friends close to me and we've hung out several times. However, we usually do the same things (watch a movie and play call of duty) so I'm trying to figure out what else we could do. Does anyone have suggestions on what other things we could do? What do you do/what would you do if you could send time with other DLs?

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    Paint ball, laser tag, go out for a stroll and chat, go to the toy part of walmart and try anything that is useable right away, like bouncy balls. This is the stuff I do with friends. The Wal-Mart thing more than anything else. XD

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    What is it you do with the people who arent DLs that you call friends? the classics are always a good place to start

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    Man I was just thinking the same thing. Oh Laser Tag be AWESOME. Paint ball would be nice to but I don't know of any good places around here.

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    IDK I just tend to do the same thing with my DL friends that I do with my "normal" friends, although occasionally, we would go out to like chucky cheese or something a little more kid-like

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    Dress adult-baby clothes, Drink sweet milk from baby bottles, hear baby music and play cards,chess or some other game.

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    What everyone else said is very good. I might just add that just because you're all ab/dl, you shouldn't feel obligated to do something ab/dl related. I'm sure you could enjoy your time doing "normal" things just as much. But if you're looking specifically for ab/dl things to do, I guess it all depends on how comfortable you are around each other (I'm thinking in terms of doing some more regressive activities, like coloring with crayons or watching kids shows). Other than that, how about just doing normal friend things while padded? And for the record, go karting is always epic win!

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    If they are AB/Dl friends, why not do AB/DL stuff like diaper changing or playing with legos.

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