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Thread: abena x plus size

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    Default abena x plus size

    i am getting ready to buy my first pack of abena x plus diapers the thickest ones i can find so far and i have like a 38 to 40 in waist and i cant decide which diapers to get medium or large can anyone help me im 5-10.5 and 250 and if anyone knows a thicker diaper that would be cool too

    thanks crinkleboy93-517

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    anything would be nice

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    I would guess probably large? I wear medium and I have a 30" waist.

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    I weigh 225 pounds, have a 38 inch waist, and wear a medium Abena X-Plus. However, if I were a few inches bigger in the waist, I would need to buy the large size. I suspect that you, like me, are on the border between the two sizes.

    Dry 24/7 diapers are thicker than Abena X-Plus and hold more. You might want to check out XP Medical - Incontinence Supplies. The company sells both Abena and Dry 24/7 and is very reliable to deal with. The web site also contains a very interesting set of diaper ratings and measurements. Dry 24/7 is also said to run larger than Abena, so you would want to buy the medium size of that brand.

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    If Your that waist size I would strongly recommend buying Large. They will be much more comfy and very roomy.

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    I can testify that being on the other side of the Abena size range, the mediums almost being too big, the medium Dry 24/7 is definitely larger. They are in fact too big for me.

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    well i got the medium for 20.99 and i hope its not a waist and i fit and cant wait to get them, if idont fit i guess i know to get large next time and ill use them as stuffers and big ones at that lol but i just was hesitant cuz its 12 diapers for almost 20 bucks but ill keep u updated

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    I'm pretty sure it would fit. I have a 33" waist and the taps still go pretty far to the middle.

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    they fit now but there a lil tight so imm try to see if it was just the way i put them on or not but i think im getting the large next time and use xp medical not northshore the shipping is half the price

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    What I've found to be true with Diapers is if you ever overlap in diaper sizes you shoud always go with the bigger diaper . I find that the fit is better and I like the extra padding myself .

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    Yeah I actually can easily wear a small but since no one really stocks smalls I've gotten into the habit of wearing mediums which with Molicare and Abena actually works out to be better.

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