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Thread: Favorite Song

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    Default Favorite Song

    Whats your Favorite song(s)?

    My favorites are

    Clocks - Coldplay
    Dr. Online - Zeromancer
    Pork and beans - Weezer
    Dota - Basshunter (no im nto kidding lol i memorized all the lyrics XD)
    Disciples of Babylon - Dragonforce
    Post your favorites hear I would really like to see what you guys are into!

    here is one of my favorite playlists I made, I also recommend this site to anyone who loves music, well pretty much everyone but especially people who love music seeqpod is like an insane version of a music google.

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    hollywood-jonas brothers
    prescription- msi
    when did your heart go missing - rooney
    bitch of living - spring awakening(musical)
    ur so gay & i kissed a girl - katy perry
    anything by lily allen

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    pretty good song except for jonas brothers XP... I don't like their singer very much, although I did like that camp rock movie, his voice actually cracked in it XD while he was singing, and they never edited it out

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    Another Love Song - ICP
    Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz
    Feel Good Inc - Gorillaz
    Hung Up - Madonna
    Robot Rock - Daft Punk
    Vermilion Part 1 & 2 - Slipknot
    All Hope is Gone - Slipknot
    Psychosocial - Slipknot
    Pork and Beans - Weezer
    Sillyword - Stone Sour
    Don't Fear the Reaper - H.I.M/Blue Oyster Cult
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddy View Post
    Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz
    Feel Good Inc - Gorillaz
    Add Dare, 19/2000, & Kids With Guns to it for me!! I love the Gorillaz!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icey View Post
    Add Dare, 19/2000, & Kids With Guns to it for me!! I love the Gorillaz!!
    I heard those songs too before, Gorillaz is good band.

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    Favoritist song: For Reasons Unknown by the Killers...The Killers are the best band ever >.>

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    Novelty - Joy Division
    When people listen to you don't you know it means a lot
    Cause you've got to work so hard for everything you got.
    Can't stand in your laurels now, not when you've got none.
    You'll find yourself in the gutter, back where you came from.

    Someone told me being in the know, is the main thing
    We all need the security of belonging to our friends.
    Can't stand on your own in these times, against all odds
    I don't wanna act uncool like all the other sods.

    You slap your backs
    And pretend you knew about all the things that we we're gonna do
    What you gonna do, what you gonna do when it's over?

    Your all on your own now don't you think that it's a shame
    But your the only one responsible to take the blame
    So when you gonna grow up and act, and be yourself?
    What you gonna do when the novelty has gone?

    Grab it while you can
    But never relax
    Cause theres always someone trying to stab your back
    What you gonna do, what you gonna do, when it's over?

    YouTube - Joy Division (Warsaw) - Novelty

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