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Thread: Euro-briefs/A win for the AB/DL comunity...sort of.

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    Default Euro-briefs/A win for the AB/DL comunity...sort of.

    So I just got an email from Josh Davies at Disposable Medical Express saying that they are stocking the plastic-backed Euro-briefs!!!

    Euro-brief changed to cloth-backed about six months ago and I complained directly to the company to let them know that the plastic ones were much better than the new cloth ones. I also contacted Josh and was able to purchase the last two cases he had available and he told me that he was trying to get them to continue making them for him but as a private label brand.

    The email that he sent me said that he was able to secure an exclusive production run and that DME would be the only place that offered the plastic version.

    I just hope that he sells these well enough that Euro-brief will either continue to produce them as an exclusive or at least let him sell then as a private label brand. I really like these diapers and was bummed to hear that they were going away but it is nice to know they are back (at least for now.)

    Maybe we should band together and start sending complaints to the diaper companies that switch to cloth. They don't need to know that we're AB/DL all they need to know is that we are customers and we want plastic diapers.

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    i think the should just produce both for people all have different opinions.

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