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    Hello. I'm Karen and I'm currently working towards earning a Ph.D. in Physics, at which point I hope to find a research and development position with a lab somewhere. I've developed quite a fascination with diapers over the years. I've always worn them at night, due to a bedwetting problem that hasn't shown significant improvement in quite some time. However, I've kind of become used to them and have come to enjoy wearing them. Outside of diapers, I spend a lot of time playing tabletop games (D&D, Warmachine, Warhammer), writing fiction (an odd hobby for a science person, I suppose), and playing piano. I do love music; playing, listening, writing. I'm currently learning guitar and bass.
    I'm here mostly to read what other adult bedwetters and diaper lovers have to say on such aspects of their lives. I might post a bit of writing up here (for enjoyment/critique) if I get around to it.

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    Hello and welcome from another tabletop gamer! Have you played under D&D4 yet? What did you think?

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    Welcome Karen! It's always good to have a Doctor (or soon to be) in the house!

    I'm glad to hear you found this forum. It certainly is a fantastic resource and community for anyone interested in diapers whether for need, comfort, or fun.

    It is also great to have another musician on the forum. Out of curiosity, what style of music are you learning on guitar & bass, and what are your favorite artists?

    I am a musician as well (fiddle/mandolin/guitar) and play in the professional realm of it...but on the country music side. But don't let that fool you. I love all styles and grew up playing classical music.

    Anyway, pull up a chair/beanbag/or soft fluffy blanket and make yourself at home!

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